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7 Day Juice Cleanse - The Complete Guide

LW Blog: 7 Day Juice Cleanse - The Complete Guide

Have you ever tried a 7-day juice cleanse? We know it can seem daunting, so we are laying out some basics for you. In this blog post, we go over everything you need to know before embarking upon a 7-day juice diet. You’ve probably heard about celebrities doing juice cleanses and wondered if it might work for you. Beyonce, Selma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez… if it’s good enough for them, it’s got to work, right?

Well, we’re not gonna lie - you’re first 1-week juice cleanse can be tough! It’s not for everyone and if you have any doubts about whether it’s appropriate for you, it’s best to speak to a nutritionist or medical professional first.

But whilst a deep detox juice cleanse must be undertaken carefully, there is a range of awesome benefits that you may be rewarded with. Weight loss is just one of these and, as always, not the one we would necessarily prioritize because health always comes first!

So we’ve put together a range of awesome juice cleanse kits to make things as easy and delicious as possible for you. A deep detox juice cleanse has never tasted so good!

What Is A Juice Cleanse?

What is a juice cleanse?

First things first - what is a 7-day juice cleanse? Juice cleansing, also known as juice fasting, is when you consume only fruit and vegetables for a period of time. As the name suggests, this is done in the form of juice. Fruit and vegetable juice is packed full of nutrients that can help restore well-being, and give your system a reboot. A lot of people claim that the 1-week juice cleanse is a fad that doesn’t really work, whilst others swear by it as a strategy for weight loss and detoxification.

At Little West, we believe a 7-day juice cleanse can be an excellent way to refresh your body and mind, if you approach it mindfully. A 1-week juice cleanse won’t be for everyone. If you have special health requirements, you’ll want to consult your doctor or nutritionist first. But for most people, a juice diet can be a great way to reset and, in many cases, quickly lose some excess weight, at least in the short term!

Of course, it’s no miracle fix. A healthy lifestyle requires ongoing work and a holistic approach to well-being. If a 7-day juice diet isn’t for you, you can incorporate our juices into a healthy, balanced diet instead. Read on to learn more about the potential benefits of a 7-day juice cleanse.

Should I do a juice cleanse?

So what are the benefits a 7-day juice diet can offer? Here we want to lay out the potential health benefits, and explain a bit more about the fad vs. fact debate! These are only a few of the potential health benefits, and how each of us feels during and after a 7-day juice diet will be different. But consider this a valuable introduction…

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A Juice Diet For Weight Loss

A juice diet for weight loss

Weight loss is a very common reason for undertaking a 7-day juice cleanse. Undertaking a juice cleanse means you are significantly reducing your calorie intake. This inevitably leads to weight loss for most people. So if you’re looking to get a flatter stomach or lose a little excess weight before an important event, a juice diet for weight loss might be a good option.

The important thing to note here is that weight loss is unlikely to be long-term. We do not recommend doing a juice cleanse for longer than 1 week and therefore your calorie intake will most likely increase following the cleanse. In order to manage your weight beyond the cleanse, we recommend following a healthy and balanced diet that incorporates plenty of nutritious juices.

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A 1-Week Juice Cleanse For Detoxification

Another popular reason for undertaking a juice cleanse is to detox. This is another hotly debated topic, with some swearing by the process and others claiming that there is no truth in the effectiveness of detox diets. There isn’t really a clear answer about which side of the argument is right, so we recommend going with how your body feels (or in some cases, what a medical professional advises). As we’ve said, it will work amazingly for some and not for others (like most things!).

We sell our delicious juice cleanse kits as we’ve had great experiences undertaking a 7-day juice cleanse. At Little West, we find that 1-week juice cleanses can help us feel refreshed and energized. We get amazing feedback from our customers who have found it to be a quick way to boost their well-being. This has been especially true after periods of overindulgence, such as the holiday period. We love doing a 7-day juice cleanse at the start of the year, to reset.

Give Your Immune System a Boost

Give your immune system a boost

As I’m sure you know, fruit and veggies are packed full of nutrients such as vitamin C. Juice is a great way to make sure you get a powerful dose of these nutrients, as each juice contains a bigger quantity of fruit and veg than you’ll get from eating an apple at lunch or a portion of broccoli at dinner. Our juices are a fast-track way of getting these essential nutrients into your body in larger quantities.

A 7-day juice cleanse means you’re increasing the nutrients you’re getting into your body. Vitamins such as vitamin C are vital to immune system function, so increasing your intake can potentially give your immune system a boost. Studies have shown that fruit and vegetable juices can indeed be beneficial in increasing immune system function.

Doing a Juice Cleanse Safely

Here are a few pointers in order that you can undertake a 7-day juice cleanse safely, and with maximum care.

  • Because juice cleanses involve reducing your calorie intake, we recommend doing it during a week when you don’t have too much on. At first, you might not feel particularly energetic. This is fairly typical when your body is adjusting to a new diet. We don’t recommend doing any strenuous exercise during this time - keep it to walking and light yoga or stretching. You’ll also want to avoid scheduling social activities that involve eating or drinking out unless its meeting friends at a juice bar!
  • Preparation is everything. Make sure you have one of our juice cleanse kits at the ready, for maximum convenience. Don’t have any tempting naughty foods or alcohol within easy reach! It’s most likely that the first couple of days will be tough, and you want to make sure you don’t cave into temptation.
  • If you feel unwell, seek medical attention. As we’ve said, a 7-day juice cleanse isn’t one-size-fits-all. If you have health complications, speak to your doctor first. If you’re unsure in ANY way, speak to a doctor first.
  • If it’s not possible for you to do a 7-day juice cleanse, you can still enjoy the benefits of fresh fruit and veg juice, in a less intensive way. Add a bottle or two of our delicious juice to your daily diet, and you’ll still get the benefits of all those essential nutrients.

To wrap it up….

Juice Cleanse

OK, so we’ve outlined a lot of the basics when it comes to 7-day juice cleanses. Whether you want to do a juice diet for weight loss or to reset and recharge, our our cold-pressed juice cleanse kits have got you covered. Some people swear by it, and some don’t. What can we say, it works for us. Well-being is a highly individualized thing and we ultimately believe in trying things out, listening to your body, and making sure you get enough of your essential nutrients on a daily basis!

Check out our deep detox cleanse kits if you need a reset, and let us know how you get on! With the season of overindulgence fast approaching, it’s good to find a way to revive ourselves, right?! And don't forget to explore our juice subscription options for a convenient and continuous wellness journey.


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