2-Day CBD Juice Cleanse Kit (14 Juices)

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Our newest juice cleanse kit! You'll find a little bit of everything in this cleanse – including a mindful and energizing combo of detoxifying greens and anti-inflammatory CBD.


This rich collection of juices with our new CBD line will set you up for an energized yet relaxed day, giving you clarity as well as revitalizing your body. 

• 2 The Clover      • 2 Morning High 
• 2 Gingersnap     • 2 Rose Gold 
• 2 Emerald Gold  • 2 Go Big
• 2 Super Greens 


*For best results we recommend enjoying your juices in this order*

Breakfast               -> Morning High
Mid-Morning Snack -> The Clover
Lunch                    -> Go Big 
Late Lunch             -> Rose Gold 
Afternoon Snack     -> Gingersnap

Dinner                   -> Super Greens
Evening                 -> Emerald Gold