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What Is Cold Pressed Juice and How Is It Made?

What Is Cold Pressed Juice and How Is It Made?

Did you think juice was just juice? Think again. Here at Little West, we like to call a spade a spade but when it comes to juices, we like to get specific. Because all humans were created equal, but all juices were not.

One type of juice we can’t stop talking about? Cold pressed juice

Gaining more and more popularity over recent years, you may have seen this juice lining your grocery store’s shelves or taking center stage in a health food shop. So what’s all the fuss about? What is cold pressed juice? 

Join us to get to the bottom of what cold pressed juice is all about, including what cold pressed means, how to make cold pressed juice, and which cold pressed juices to try now! 

What is cold pressed juice? 

So first thing’s first. What exactly is cold pressed juice and what does cold pressed mean? Well, the term ‘cold pressed’ refers to the way that the juice is made. Your regular, bog standard juice is generally made with a pasteurization process involving heat. 

How is cold pressed juice made? Well, the clue is in the name cold pressed. Cold pressed juice is made with a hydraulic press which works by crushing and pressing fruit and vegetables with absolutely no heat involved. 

What are the Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice?

What are the benefits of cold pressed juice?

Cold pressed juice is made without heat. So what? In fact, cold pressing juice often takes longer and is more labor intensive than the standard pasteurization process, so what's the point? Well, it turns out that keeping fresh fruit and vegetables cold while you extract their juice has two key benefits…

1. The high-pressure method of cold pressing allows the highest yield of juice from the fruit and vegetables. That means, with a cold pressed juice, you get to enjoy absolutely everything your fruit and veg has to offer!

2. Because cold pressed juices are not exposed to heat, no nutrients are lost in the heating process. This means that cold pressed juice may contain more nutrients than its pasteurized equivalents. 

Does cold pressed juice last as long as normal juice?

When it comes to the shelf life of cold pressed juice, the answer is - it depends. Here’s why…

The pasteurization process used to make regular juice has one key function: to kill bacteria and prolong the juice's shelf life. Because cold pressed juice is not exposed to heat, it does not have this treatment and should be consumed within a matter of days. 

But don’t worry, all is not lost! There are two reasons why this is not an issue: 

Firstly, chances are, if you are making cold pressed juice at home, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue, as you are likely to be drinking homemade cold pressed juice right away. 

Secondly, the experts in the commercial cold-pressed juice world have come up with their own solution. Shop-bought cold pressed juices (like Little West’s cold pressed juice) are exposed to a high-pressure process, where the fresh juice is submerged in cold water under high pressure. 

What does this do? This kills potential bacteria in the juice and extends the shelf life of cold pressed juice from just a few days to several weeks!

Why is Cold Pressed Juice Good If You Are Doing a Juice Cleanse?

Why is cold pressed juice good if you are doing a juice cleanse?

Like all juices, cold pressed juice is jam-packed with nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals - basically all of the best things that fresh fruit and vegetables have to offer. 

In particular, cold pressed juice is rumored to be packed with even more nutrients than standard pasteurized juices (thanks to the zero heat method of juicing). 

This may mean that cold pressed juice is the perfect choice for a juice cleanse. Why? Because a juice cleanse involves opting out of solid foods to fill your diet with only nutrient-packed juices for just a few days - and wouldn’t you want to pick the best cold pressed juice with the most nutrients? 

Our thoughts? A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle is the best way to keep your health game up to scratch and a nutritious cold pressed juice is a great addition to this diet, whether you are doing a cleanse or not! 

Best cold pressed juices to try today!

Now you’ve discovered what cold pressed juice is, you may be looking to add some to your basket. We can help with that! All of the juice available at Little West is 100% cold pressed, never watered down, and packed with 2-4 pounds of fresh fruit and vegetables per bottle. Here are some best-selling cold pressed flavors…

  • The Quench: time for some refreshment? Made up of strawberry, watermelon, mint, and lime, this fruity and vibrant cold pressed juice is packed with vitamin B1, as well as pure cold pressed flavor! 
  • The Clover: a green veg-packed blend of kale, cucumber, spinach, and pear, this cold-pressed juice contains a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and may help reduce inflammation. 
  • Gingersnap: looking for a juice that will kick you right into gear? Try this spicy cold pressed beverage to experience pure ginger flavor combined with fresh apples and lemon. 

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To wrap it all up 

Cold Pressed Juice

Still think juice is just juice? We didn’t think so. Now you know exactly what cold pressed juice is and how it is made, you’ll know exactly what to look for when browsing the juice aisle in your local grocery store. 

Our takeaway? Whether you want to opt for cold-pressed juice or not, it’s always good to go for a health-conscious brand that showcases real fruit flavor (rather than additives, sugars, and other nasty artificial bits). 

Going for a cold-pressed juice brand (like Little West) is a great way of ticking these boxes and knowing you can enjoy fresh fruits at their best, with no strings attached, including our juice cleanse and juice subscription offerings!