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1.What are we offering on our online merchandise store?

We, as a company, care about the community and the planet we live it. Embodying this spirit, we have released our line of sustainable eco-friendly products at our online merchandise store. All the products available on sale are made of ethically sourced, recycled materials.

We take pride in showcasing our commitment to the planet and the craftsmanship in designing this minimal yet elegant merch. They are quite affordable but have a premium build that ensures the merch last for a long time.

The merch mainly consists of hats and socks, all with the Little West logo embroidered in red thread. The socks are made of 100% pure cotton from upcycled waste materials. Therefore, it's sustainable and eco-friendly. The socks are unisex, come as one-size-fits-all, and are from the limited edition Little West Merch.

The hat is exceptionally breathable and fits like a dream on your head. Its made of 100% recycled plastic bottles and, therefore, is lightweight and doesn’t easily sustain wear and tear. The cap, too, is made as a limited edition and is meant for unisex adult use.

You can either purchase the socks and hats separately or get them as a bundle for an amazing discount when you redeem the points.

2.Benefits of using eco-friendly products

As of now, there are no laws that enforce you to only purchase sustainable eco-friendly products. Thus it's a mere choice if you want to or not. But the switch to eco-friendly products helps your lifestyle and does a great deal of good for the planet we live on.

The main benefits of using sustainable eco-friendly products can be broadly classified into two.

The first benefit is that you reduce the impact on the environment. Every product has a certain carbon footprint attached to it. The carbon footprint is simple the number of greenhouse gases generated during an action. The carbon footprint associated with a product includes the greenhouse gases generated right from the sourcing of the materials to its safe disposal. The carbon footprint associated with eco-friendly products is low when compared to the non-sustainable version.

The second benefit of switching to eco-friendly products is that they are safer than the other varieties. For example, when exposed to heat, plastic bottles become poisonous in the long run. On the other hand, eco-friendly bottles are mainly made of either wood or copper and can last much longer than their plastic counterpart. Plus, these materials don’t transfer any chemicals to your drinking water in the long run.

Further, when we mean safer, it implies it's safer for both the humans who use it and also for the planet.

Yes, eco-friendly products are always lower in carbon footprint count and are much safer compared to the non-sustainable options available.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What materials are used to make eco-friendly products?

The eco-friendly products are made of ethically sourced sustainable products that are bio-degradable.

A wide range of materials obtained from nature is used to produce a variety of sustainable eco-friendly products. Some materials are used as it is, while others are processed a bit to ensure they last for a long time.

At times, eco-friendly materials also include recyclable materials, so one need not invest a lot of energy to produce them from scratch or dispose of them. The materials get upcycled and converted to usable products at different life stages.

The most commonly used materials include organic cotton, jute, husk of the coconut, bamboo, recycled plastic bottles, recycled cloth materials, pottery mud, etc.

2.Why should you consider recycled products? 

Including recycled products in your lifestyle means you are contributing less to the overall waste produced per person. Most one-time use materials end up in landfills and require a lot of energy to dispose of them properly. This not only wastes energy but also increases pollution.

Instead, if you switch to upcycled or recycled products, you are reducing the impact caused on the environment.

Many times, recycled products cost less than those produced from scratch. This is also to encourage the use of eco-friendly recycled products.

Another reason why you should invest in recycled products is that a good share of these products comes from small businesses. So when you buy from these shops/stores, it's your way of promoting their livelihood while doing greater good for the environment.

3.Can the subscriber get any discount on these products?

When you sign up and become a member of the Little West family, you can earn points in several ways. You earn points when you sign up, refer a friend, follow us on our social media handles, or even if you give us a review. For every thousand points, you get a $1 discount.

So if you have enough points in your account, you can use them while buying our merch to get a fantastic discount.

Further, if you want to save some money on shipping charges, subscribe to our newsletter, as we occasionally provide free shipping when you purchase above a certain amount.

4.What if the size does not fit me?

Our eco-friendly socks come in the one-size-fits-all variant and are meant for unisex use. Its made of cotton and is easily stretchable and made of breathable fabric. So no matter the size of your leg, the socks form a snug fit on your legs.

The socks are in the quarter length range, and the elastic around the top portion won’t cause any kind of irritation. The socks are non-transparent, highly elastic, but breathable, and would surely keep you comfortable no matter what the weather is outside. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about whether the socks will fit you.

5.Is this product also available for kids? 

Unfortunately, the product isn’t available for kids. Currently, the merch available at our online merchandise store is meant for unisex use above 10 years of age.

The products come as one-size-fits-all and are made of recycled, comfy materials. All these materials are ethically sourced, and designed to last a long time, thus providing maximum value for your money.

Further, these eco-friendly merchandise are limited edition, and once it's out of stock, it's gone. So get your favorite ones before the stock runs out. But when that does, we launch our new collection; so look out for the space for cool, simple, and elegant Little West eco-friendly products.