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Monday - Friday 6 am - 5 pm (Pacific time) | phone (833) 407-0746
Fall Special
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FREE Express Shipping On Orders Over $80

The Little West Experience: 48 Hours Farm To Bottle

At Little West, we believe cold pressed juice is only as good as its ingredients. That’s why we’re dedicated to sourcing our produce locally, selecting the highest quality fruits and vegetables from small farms on the West Coast. Every ingredient is cold pressed and bottled within 48 hours of harvest for peak nutrients and crisp, refreshing taste. Little West is 100% pure juice that’s never watered down, with no concentrates, preservatives, artificial ingredients, or added sugars.

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Fresh, Healthy Hydration for Everyone

Every bottle of Little West contains the juice of 2-4 pounds of fruits and vegetables, cold pressed in small batches to seal in flavor, freshness, and nutritional value. From superfood green juices to classic fruit flavors like orange, there’s something for everyone.

  • Corporate Offices Fuel the team without sugary sodas or energy drinks
  • Hotels & Spas A delicious choice for pampering health-conscious guests
  • Restaurants, Coffee Shops & Bars Premium juices for your menu or cold case

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Taste the Difference

Real Food, Cold Pressed

We believe real food is key to health. That’s why Little West juice is always cold pressed and High Pressure Processed. Our juicing methods help us maintain the vital enzymes, vitamins and minerals, and anti-inflammatory properties of each ingredient.

Community Roots

Little West has been sourcing fruits and vegetables from local farms on the West Coast since 2013. By cultivating personal relationships with our farmers, we understand how every piece of produce is planted, grown, and harvested. It’s also another way to give back to our community and support sustainable agriculture.

Certified 90 Day Freshness

Using High Pressure Processing (HPP) ensures Little West juice stays fresh for 90 days after bottling. Every bottle or Bag in Box has a unique Enjoy By date to help you get the most from your juice. (Note: Product must be refrigerated.)

Available in 12 oz. Bottles or 3 liter (101 OZ.) BAG IN BOX

  • Bottles12 oz. single bottles made from 100% recyclable RPET plastic.
  • Bag in Box101 oz. Bag In Box is 100% recyclable and keeps juice fresher longer. 1 box = 9 bottles.

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