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FREE Express Shipping On Orders Over $80

Best Selling Cold Pressed聽Juices

Get cold pressed juices made from 100% pure fruits and vegetables with zero聽added聽sugar

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Little West makes the best cold pressed juices you鈥檒l ever taste.

Our 100% fruit juice and vegetable juice blends are made with 2-4 pounds of raw produce in every bottle, sourced directly from small local farms on the West Coast. We鈥檙e also Farm To Bottle in 48 Hours, which means our ingredients are cold pressed at peak ripeness for the crisp, sweet flavor and vital nutrients.

Whether you鈥檙e looking for a detox juice cleanse or juice cleanses created to boost your overall health, Little West has something for everyone. Choose from juice kits like our Immunity Booster Kit, Healthy Happy Hour, or our popular variety pack, The Classics Sampler.

Little West is 100% cold pressed juice, never watered down, with zero added sugars, artificial sweeteners, concentrates, or preservatives. Our juices are also lower in natural sugar than comparable brands. They鈥檙e the perfect alternative to sodas, energy drinks, and other unhealthy beverages. Grab a bottle today and cheers to your health!


Juicing is our passion and we obsess about the details.

Locally Sourced

All our ingredients are sourced from local farms on the West Coast and hand-selected for highest quality.

Farm To Bottle in 48 Hours

Each ingredient makes it from the farm into the bottle in 48 hours. Our produce is never frozen or pasteurized.

100% Juice

Our cold pressed juice is 100% pure fruit and vegetables. No water, concentrates, added sugars, or preservatives.


With so many delicious flavors, our kits are the perfect place to start! Whether you鈥檙e looking for something anti-inflammatory, immunity boosting, or want to sample different juices for your next healthy happy hour, there鈥檚 a juice kit for you.

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