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Juice Cleanses & Kits

1. What is a juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse is an occasional diet that usually lasts for a maximum of a week and the person only consumes juice extracts from vegetables and fruits during this period. To get maximum results, it's best to refrain from consuming solid/complex foods during this time.

You can either go on a homemade juice cleanse or try a cold-pressed juice cleanse kit. Either way, make sure the juices don’t contain any fruits or vegetables you are allergic to and are specifically formulated to address the health issues you face.

The juice cleanse can also be undertaken as a part of a detox diet, or you can go on half-day cleanses if you feel your body doesn’t have the energy to kick through the day. Even when on a juice cleanse diet, you can also consume vegetables and fruits in their solid form. Usually, it's recommended to intake fruits & veggies rich in fiber and healthy fats as most of these cold-pressed juices lack the necessary fiber, which might cause a nutrient deficiency and make you feel exhausted throughout the day. Some of the recommended fruits & veggies apt for consumption during the juice cleanse include celery, carrot, cucumber, apple, etc.

2. What to eat after a juice cleanse?

Once you are out of the juice to cleanse routine, don’t bounce back to your old diet the very next day. Your digestive system has just been rebooted; therefore, it's better to go easy on it. Start by consuming easy-to-digest, simple foods. Ideally, foods that are minimally processed.

It's good to stick to the three-meals-a-day routine for a couple of days after the juice cleanse. You can consume a fruit salad for breakfast that includes bananas, cantaloupe, watermelon, and papaya. Then for lunch & dinner, sip a simple soup with lots of veggies. Incorporate minimally processed nuts or avocados to supply healthy fats. Throughout the day, drink as much water as possible. Ideally, try to hit the 8 cups a day mark and add some herbal teas to your routine. Wait a day or two before you start incorporating coffee into your routine.

After a couple of days, you can start including eggs, meat, milk, or whatever you usually consume one meal at a time. When you slowly re-introduce these items, your digestive system is able to kick back into its full glory, and you will feel that energy kicking in.

3. What does a juice cleanse do?

Following a routined juice cleanse has both short-term as well as long-term benefits. When you go on a cold-pressed juice cleanse, your body reboots after that. Your digestive system is restored to its full potential, and toxins are pushed out of your body.

You feel rejuvenated and can notice a rise in your energy levels even after days of completing the juice cleanse. Also during the juice cleanse, your body is given nothing but nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables along with tons of water. So your body feels hydrated and is supplied with the vital nutrients it needs to perform different functions.

Now looking at the long-term benefits, you can notice that your skin condition improves when you follow a routined juice cleanse. It looks and feels hydrated and has a glowing appeal. This is because your body is forced to release all the toxins from the body and is supplied only with vital nutrients in an easily absorbable form. Your body is also able to easily digest the foods, and there is a noticeable increase in the metabolism rates.

Additionally, these cold-pressed juices are rich in ingredients that help combat inflammation and bloating. Therefore, in the long run, your body gains strength to fight the inflammation as the immunity is strengthened.

4. How to start a juice cleanse

Going through a juice cleanse without feeling drowsy or tired is next to impossible. But there are some ways in which you can prepare your mind and body to fully commit to the juice cleanse routine. Start the day by drinking almost half liters of water with lemon extracts. Then consume one cold-pressed juice from the juice cleanse kit. Make sure to avoid any kind of caffeine or dairy-based beverages.

The first few hours are the easiest as your body hasn’t recognized the change in your diet plan, and you have all the energy from yesterday’s food. But as the hours pass, you start to feel the fatigue. Consume the rest of the juices at a regular interval, not surpassing 2 hours.

You might miss the act of chewing during the juice cleanse days. If you are so hung up on this fact, cut some celery and cucumber and consume them slowly, chewing them thoroughly to get rid of the feeling.

Even though it's a juice cleanse, your body is getting the nutrients it requires. So it's a good thing to exercise or keep your body active. This would also help with your fatigue and give you the adrenaline rush to push through the day.

5. Do a Detox Cleanse to Reboot Your Health

When you are on a detox juice cleanse, you completely avoid solid or hard-to-digest complex foods. This way, your digestive system gets a much-deserved break. During this time, your body heals itself, and when you resume your normal diet, your digestion system is all geared up and upgraded to a new version – thus, rebooting your health from within.

Apart from rebooting your digestive system to its full glory, going on a much-needed deep detox cleanse kit has many other side benefits. It helps improve your energy levels, relieve constipation, reduce muscle aches and fatigue, and aids in weight loss.

Practicing a regular detox cleanse routine helps to reduce inflammation in the long run, making your immune system strong and sound. When your whole body feels safe, you feel rejuvenated. This also translates to better sleep and resting patterns.

When you go on a detox cleanse, all you consume are some fruits and vegetables along with some much-needed herbs and spices of medicinal value. You can either go for detox cleanse kit or make them from scratch. This totally depends on your health needs and convenience. Whatever the plan is, once the detox cleanses routine starts, your body is forced to rest organs via fasting. Further, the liver is energized to drive away the toxins and other harmful substances accumulated in it.

A detox cleanse kit becomes necessary when you feel tired for no reason or feel like your whole body isn’t cooperating and not providing enough energy to keep going. You can also go on a full body cleanse detox when you start craving unhealthy, junk foods more than usual, and you have no control over your affinity towards them.

In simple ways, the whole detox cleanses process addresses the concerns of the minute division of your body - cells - and gives the body the time to heal and repair.

6. Using Detox Cleansing Make Your Skin Vibrant

Use Detox Cleanse Kit for a glowing, healthy skin

Following a regular detox cleanse routine along with proper diet and skincare helps you achieve glowing, vibrant skin that looks as healthy as it is from within. You can follow two types of detox routines if your goal is to achieve healthy, plump skin free from inflammation - a complete detoxification routine or incorporating a glowing skin kit into your diet.

The Vitamin C and Turmeric-based detox cleanse kit is best for reducing inflammation and has anti-bacterial properties. This helps to purify your skin from within. The anti-bacterial properties of turmeric and vitamin -C strongarm your skin in fighting off acne.

The green detox juices rich in spinach, kale, and cucumber help prevent unnecessary water retention in your skin. When water is retained beyond the necessary levels, your skin looks puffy and swollen. Further, these juices are rich in antioxidants which wade off the free radicals that may cause skin damage in the future.

The red and vibrant juices rich in pomegranate, carrot, tomato, beetroot, etc., are a powerhouse of essential minerals and have anti-aging properties. In addition, they boost the elasticity of your skin, making it less susceptible to wrinkles.

7. Things To Know While Trying a Detox Cleanse Kit

Simply following a random cleanse routine won’t do you any good, even if you rope in the best full-body cleanse detox kit. You need to be mindful of your actions and diet before and after you go on a detox cleanse to reap the full benefits.

A good diet, combined with a regular detox cleanse routine that caters to your body, can do wonders. Reread it. A good diet is equally essential to unlock the full potential of your detox cleanse routine. When you go on a detox cleanse, you reboot your body and its vital systems. If you go back to following an unhealthy diet filled with junk foods and high sugar levels, your body will shut down faster than before. Thus, the time span between consequent detox cleanses reduces.

On the other hand, if you follow a balanced diet with space for your cravings and some active exercises, you will reap all the benefits of your previous cleanse. Your energy levels improve, your skin starts to glow from within, and overall, you feel rejuvenated when you wake up each day.

Another thing to know is that not all detox cleanse kit works for everyone. Based on how drained you feel and what you wish to achieve, you need to find a detox cleanse kit that works for your body. You can start with a detox cleanse kit aimed at rebooting all your body systems, but as you get used to the detox cleansing procedure, it's best to take up detox cleanses that specifically address the issue. For example, detoxing to reduce inflammation, improve skin health, or aid in the weight loss process. You start seeing noticeable results when you do so.

8. How To Choose The Best Detox Cleanse?

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all detox cleanses. Every detox cleanses routine you undertake should cater to your body’s needs. That’s the first and foremost rule to follow when choosing a detox to cleanse.

You can either opt for detox cleanse routine that lasts for days or stick to a detox juice cleanse kit plan. No matter wherever the choice is, if it's based on your understanding of your body, you will see commendable results afterward.

If you are going with a detox juice cleanse kit, a few more things must be taken care of. When you put yourself on a detox routine using the juice cleanse kit, you also go on a partial fast, and all your body gets is the detox juices. Thus, you need to ensure that these juices are rich in fibers, protein, and the necessary healthy fats. This can be achieved by being mindful of the contents that go into your juice cleanse kit.

Look out for the following ingredients in your body detox drinks:

  • Kale (provides fiber & protein)
  • Spinach (rich in fiber)
  • Carrot (provides fiber)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it matter the order in which I drink the cleanse juices?

You can drink the juices in any order you want. But it's ideal to drink green juices during the day. The green juices tend to provide you with more energy than the others. So the increased energy levels might tamper with your peaceful sleep pattern. Further, you need a great deal of energy to push throughout the day on a juice fast. Green juices can help you with just that.

One thing to remember is that don’t mix and match the drinks meant for different days. That is don’t drink a juice meant for day 1 and then drink the rest from the day 2 set. Other than that, there is no particular order in which you should drink the cold-pressed juices.

2. Will I be hungry during the cleanse?

During the initial hours of the juice cleanse, you will be pumped like no other day. This has to do more with your enthusiasm and the boost given by your first cold-pressed juice.

But as it settles, you start to feel the fatigue as your mind and body realize there isn’t going too much to chew for the day. For this reason, ensure you take your juice at an interval not longer than 2 hours.

When you feel extreme fatigue, munch on some carrots, celery, or cucumber. These vegetables are dense in nutrients, easy to digest, and low in calories.

3. What if I want to do a cleanse for longer than 2 days?

Juice cleanses longer than 2 days are quite popular. In fact, the three-day cleanse is widely practiced and loved around the world. The duration of juice cleanses mainly depends on the lifestyle you follow and the amount of toxins accumulated in your body.

The easy way to determine the number of days you should go on a juice fast is to analyze your diet and lifestyle. A two-day cleanse is more than enough if you follow an active lifestyle with healthy eating habits. But if you feel that you haven’t been leading an active lifestyle and have consumed a lot of junk in the past few weeks, you might need a juice fast longer than two days.

4. Do I need to do any preparation before the juice cleanse?

Usually, a juice cleanse is a no-brainer detox routine, but you can take some steps to maximize the benefits. Plan ahead what kind of juices you would like to include in your juice fast, and source the required vegetables and fruits beforehand. If it's your first time, it's safe to invest in a good and nutritious cold-pressed juice cleanse kit.

Start the day with lemon water and then your cold-pressed juice. Slowly sip the juice instead of gulping it all down. You could also imitate chewing while you sip the juice so that it reaches all the parts of your mouth.

During the days that lead to the juice fast, increase your water intake and reduce the caffeine & processed foods. This is only effective if you have a planned date for your detox juice diet. This way, you are training your body for the juice cleanse, and you won’t experience sudden withdrawal symptoms when you do this.

5. Are there any side effects to your cleanse juices?

There surely are some side effects to a juice cleanse routine; most of them happen when you practice it without much care. The main side effect is the development of non-healthy eating habits. When you go on a juice cleanse, you notice a significant decrease in weight. Most people get excited by this fact and thereby prolong their juice cleanse diets to reduce weight.

Another common side effect is the sudden dip in blood sugar levels. Most of these juices are low in calories and don’t contain any kind of sugar. Therefore, the juice cleanse can be quite dangerous to people suffering from hypoglycemia.

6. Can I do cleanse if I am pregnant or nursing?

No matter how healthy the juice cleanses are and how much you love them, we don’t recommend them when pregnant or nursing. When you go on an juice cleanse, your body is forced to get rid of the toxins accumulated in your body over time. These toxins enter the bloodstream, and there’s a high chance that you might pass them on to your little ones.

Another reason why a juice cleanse is a big no during pregnancy is that they are low in calories. When you are expecting, your body needs an additional 400 to 600 calories to make sure you and your baby get all the nutrients. A juice cleanse diet is low on calories and, therefore, can cause serious complications when undertaken during your pregnancy.

7. Is it OK to exercise while on the juice cleanse?

It’s completely okay to do normal, low-intensity exercises during your juice cleanse. However, if you are someone who usually goes to the gym and follows a workout routine, you will have to cancel those for the days you are on a juice fast. Since you don’t take enough calories during the juice fast, it's recommended not to wear your body down and strain the muscles. As these diets are low in protein, your muscle might take longer to rebuild after the tear you endured.

With that said, you can go for slow runs and walk around your house as this helps to boost your lymphatic and blood circulation, thereby aiding in removing toxins.

8. Can I have a seltzer, sparkling water, gum or tea during the juice cleanse?

To maximize the benefits of juice cleanse, it's best to avoid seltzer, chewing gum, or caffeinated beverages. If the sparkling water is free from any kind of additives and only contains water and gas, it's perfectly fine to consume it in moderate amounts during your juice cleanse.

When it comes to chewing gum, even if it is sugar-free, it still contains chemicals and, therefore, must be avoided. The same goes with seltzer. In the case of tea, if it isn’t caffeinated, you can drink it as you like. Non-caffeinated herbal trees are actually a great way to suppress the hungry feeling you get while you are on the juice cleanse.

9. Is the juice cleanse vegan?

Yes, the cold-pressed juices are completely vegan and gluten-free. All the juices contain just the extracts from fruits and vegetables and nothing else. Additionally, to get the maximum benefits out of the juice fast, it's recommended to avoid dairy and meat products. Further, there aren’t any sweeteners in these cold-pressed juices, so you don’t have to worry if it contains honey.

However, you can add non-dairy milk to your juice cleanse routine to provide healthy fats and keep you full. Ideally, it's best to consume this during the evening, almost 3 hours or so before bedtime.

10. How often should I do your cleanse?

To know how often you should take a juice cleanse, you need to know the prime motive for going on one. A juice cleanse is done to reboot your health and push out the toxins from your body. If you follow an active lifestyle and a healthy diet, once in three months would be more than enough.

But if you are a fan of junk food and you feel your energy is low all the time, it's highly recommended to follow a juice fast once a month, and it should last for a minimum of 2 days. This way, you are pushing out the toxins as and when they come your way and not waiting for them to pile up.

11. Will I lose weight on the cleanse?

When on juice cleanse, you are definitely going to shed some pounds. But this weight loss isn’t sustainable; you gain those pounds back when you bounce back to your daily diet. If you want sustained weight loss, you will have to bring in some major changes in your lifestyle along with following a religious juice cleanse.

For example, if you switch to healthy eating habits, workout regularly, and then go on a juice cleanse once every month, you are definitely going to see the difference when you step on the weighing scale. That said, going on a prolonged juice cleanse diet to shed some pounds is highly dangerous.

12. What is your cancellation & return/refund policy for the 2-Day Cleanse?

All our juices are made from ethically sourced, selected ingredients. So only the premium raw vegetables and fruits are used to make our affordable juice cleanses. Since these juices expire and perish over time, we don’t accept returns or process refunds. However, if your 2-day cleanse juice gets lost in the transit or reaches you as damaged goods, you can write to us, and we will do the needful.

Further, if you have subscribed to our monthly 2-day cleanse subscription, you can cancel it before a transaction is made on your card. If you face any hurdles, write to us immediately at, and we are all ears to your concerns.

13. What is the best time to take detox juice to cleanse your body?

There’s no such a thing as the best time to go on a detox juice cleanse. When you feel your body needs it, make up your mind and start your detoxification routine. During a healthy juice cleanse, you gain maximum results only when you follow the instructions to the tee.

When you are on a detox juice cleanse, make sure to drink your juices at an interval not lasting more than 2 hours. Try to consume all the juices given for the day, as each juice is formulated to address different parts of the body and reboot the body’s systems.

Further, pair it up with lots of water, and if you still feel hungry, you can eat some easily digestible vegetables like celery, cucumber, carrot, etc.

14. Is detox juice helpful for weight loss?

The prime motive of detox cleanse juice kit is to reboot your body and push out every toxin accumulated over time. Even though after a detox juice cleanse, you notice a significant reduction in your weight, this doesn’t last for long.

The weight comes back as soon as you resume your normal diet; therefore, the detox juice cleanse isn’t a reliable option to lose weight. Further, the weight lost during this cleanse is mostly water weight, and the fats are still in your body. Thus, going on a healthy juice cleanse alone won’t be enough if you are looking for a reliable way to lose weight.

15. What are some effective benefits of detox juice cleanse?

An effective detox juice cleanse will help improve your energy levels, reduce inflammation, and give your digestive system a much essential boost.

When you go on a detox juice cleanse, your digestive system is given a rest day. Further, all other organs are in a rested state, and the liver is forced to flush out the toxins. So when you resume your diet the next day, your body can absorb the nutrients from the food better, giving you a feeling of increased energy levels.

Further, most detox cleanse juices contain ginger and turmeric, which are great for reducing inflammation. Going on a routined detox juice cleanse helps you control your inflammation and bloating.

16. Can I do cleansing at my home by consuming detox juices?

If it's your first time doing a detox cleanse, you can start with a two-day cleanse. You can either purchase a two-day detox cleanse juice kit or prepare the required juices at home. The second method would be a bit risky as you will have to be really mindful of the ingredients you choose to mix and match. Therefore, it's ideal to invest in a good detox cleanse juice kit and follow the instructions to the tee for better results.

However, if you plan to consume detox juices as a part of your daily diet, you can prepare the required ones by following an online recipe.

17. Does detox juice is healthy?

Detox cleanse juices are great in aiding your body’s detoxification process, but that doesn’t mean it makes up a whole meal, and you should only be relying upon these juices for your daily energy. Most detox juices are deficient in providing the necessary healthy fats, protein, and fibers.

So if you plan to extend your healthy juice cleanse routine for a while, ensure you incorporate the necessary solid foods that make up for the deficient nutrients. If not, you will lose a lot of weight, which isn’t healthy, and this weight will certainly catch up once you resume your normal diet.

18. How to know which juice cleanse is best for me?

If you plan to go on a full detox juice cleanse routine, you probably have to consume all the juices given in your detox cleanse juice kit. Each of these juices addresses different concerns of your body that cause a decrease in energy levels, inflammation, bloating, or even constipation. So it's ideal to consume the whole kit at prescribed times.

But if you plan to incorporate some detox juices into your daily diet, include the ones that address a problem you have been facing for quite some time. For example, if your skin feels dehydrated and looks unhealthy, incorporating a green juice cleanse along with your diet would do wonders.

19. What happens after taking a detox juice?

A detox cleanse juice kit is filled with the juices of various fruits and vegetables that supply Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, folate, magnesium, and anti-oxidants. When you drink a detox juice, you supply your body with the much-needed vitamins and minerals. Even though the benefits aren’t noticeable as soon as you finish your first drink, you can see that you feel rejuvenated from the inside.

Further, when you complete half a day, you can get a lot of information on whatever food items you are intolerant to. If you feel less bloated, you can easily pinpoint which food item is causing you discomfort.


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