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Monday - Friday 6 am - 5 pm (Pacific time) | phone (833) 407-0746
Fall Special
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FREE Express Shipping On Orders Over $80
Little West Quench Juice Pouring

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Like the best cold pressed juice you’ll ever taste.

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Hey, we're Cass and Andrew! In 2013, we eloped and used the money we’d been saving up for a wedding to start building our dream business: bringing amazing tasting, top-quality juices to our small community. We never imagined how large our community could grow! We've always been passionate about eating with an emphasis on nutrition and wellness, and we love inspiring people to lead a healthier, more invigorating life.

Little West Healthy Hydation


Little West cold-pressed juices are 100% pure fruits and vegetables. Unlike other juice companies, we never use concentrates or water down our juices. There’s no added sugar, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, or unhealthy preservatives.

Cold-pressed juices are a delicious, convenient way to get more nutrients in your diet. Each bottle of Little West is packed with 2 to 4 pounds of produce to help boost immunity, reduce inflammation, promote better digestion, and increase energy levels.

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At Little West, we believe that cold-pressed juice is only as good as its ingredients. That’s why being locally-sourced is our top priority. We have personal relationships with all our farmers and an understanding of how our produce is planted, grown, and harvested. It’s our passion and respect for real food that helps us create the highest quality, best-tasting product.


We care about our community and our planet. That’s why we donate a portion of all sales toward causes that help make the world a better, greener place. We also plant a tree for every order we sell to help offset our carbon emissions.


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