Anti-inflammation Kit (12 Juices) Anti-inflammation Kit (12 Juices)

Anti-inflammation Kit (12 Juices)

It should come as no surprise that this kit is loaded with powerful leafy greens to combat chronic inflammation. Our favs? Kale, spinach, and of course, celery! Also featured is the super strength of turmeric to leave you feeling light, bright, and inflammation free.

For optimal results, we encourage 1 to 3 of our nutrient packed juices a day, along with healthy meals and at least 2 liters of H2O. 

3 The Clover - loaded with leafy greens and low in sugar for maximum de-pouffing

3 Celery - deeply detoxifying and anti-inflammatory hydration

3 Sunrise - hydrating coconut h2o and anti-inflammatory turmeric

3 Gold n Greens - energizing and anti-inflammatory with digestive aiding enzymes

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What's included in the kit?

3 The Clover, 3 Celery, 3 Sunrise, 3 Gold 'n Greens

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