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Detoxify and Energize: Your 1-Day Detox Blueprint For Beginners

1-Day Detox Blueprint For Beginners

Welcome! If you’re reading this, you may be new to juice cleanses and detox plans. Maybe you’ve heard about some of the health benefits, but you’re unsure where to start or how to choose a juice cleanse that’s right for you. Doing a detox might sound overwhelming, but it’s actually easy! 

Let us tell you all about what to expect when going on a 1-day detox before you scare yourself out of it. Afterwards, you can make a wiser decision and make the necessary arrangements so everything goes as smoothly for you as possible. 

What’s a 1-Day Juice Detox?

What’s a 1-Day Juice Detox?

A 1-day detox is what it sounds like, really. It’s one day when you drink loads of nutritious juice instead of your usual snacks and meals. It’s kind of like a reset because it gives certain aspects of your body some rest.

As expected, no food is consumed during a 1-day detox cleanse. Not solid meals or even snacks. There are certain instances when a little snacking is necessary (we’ll talk more about that in a little bit), but it’s unlikely that you’ll need to do so in a 1-day detox.

Discussing what a juice cleanse is and what you’ll need to do will be a little tricky without mentioning the benefits. So, let’s get to that first!

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Why People Go On One-Day Body Cleanses

For Overall Hydration

You’ll be drinking mostly juice for one whole day. We say “mostly” because you are still expected to drink water during your cleanse. And you mustn't forget that! You should drink your usual amount of water ON TOP of your juices.

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Won’t drinking water and juices make you super hydrated? It will. That’s not necessarily a bad thing and it shouldn’t be worrisome (especially if it’s only for one day). Think of it as offsetting a rather heavy week of partying or celebrating. 

Need to know: Going on a cleanse doesn’t mean you have to skip on nutrients. Even if it’s just for a day, think about what juice or blends work best for your goal. More greens to reduce inflammation? More vitamin C for immunity? There are certain fruit and vegetable juices that provide you with more of a certain nutrient than some.

Pick and choose what you prefer and use this as your blueprint if you choose to go on longer cleanses in the future. Cleanses require more thought than your usual daily meals. Because of the short duration, every juice selection matters more!

Allow Your Digestive System To Rest

A 1-day cleanse can also help by giving your digestive system a break. No solid food to plow through or break down, just juices that are easily digestible!

Because of this, you may experience a change in your… movements (if you get what we mean). Our bodies react differently to juice cleanses and sometimes softer movements are expected on longer cleanses. Even if you’re just going on a one-day body cleanse, it’s still worth noting this potential side effect so that it doesn’t surprise you when it happens.

Need to know: We touched on snacking a little earlier and mentioned how for one-day cleanses, it really isn’t necessary to eat at all during this time. When people go on longer ones, however, they may choose to eat some fruit, raw veggies, or a handful of nuts if they feel like they really need to. 

But remember, you know your body best. If you ever feel faint from hunger, you shouldn’t starve yourself. That’s not the goal of a juice cleanse (no matter how long you’re going on one). That’s why one-day body cleanses are best for beginners. You’ll be able to gauge your hunger a bit better and last the entire cleanse without a nibble! 

(It’s also important to note that juice cleanses and detoxes aren’t a “cure-all” or a substitute for medical care. If you have any underlying medical conditions or health concerns, please consult your doctor before trying a cleanse.)

Could Give You Better Sleep

Better Sleep

People often forget that you should skip coffee when going on a cleanse. That said, the omission of caffeine may do your sleep some good. Aside from coffee, you’re also skipping sugary drinks like sodas. Sugar greatly affects your sleep and often gives you unnecessary energy boosts. And think of the sugar crash!

We know what you’re thinking. Fruit and vegetable juices still have sugar in them! And you’re right. They do, but it’s all natural sugar, which affects our bodies differently. As long as you’re getting the right kinds of juices, they won’t have any added sugars or sweeteners in them. 

Need to know: We’ve often said in numerous instances how finding the right juices is very important. The ones you usually find stacked and displayed neatly on supermarket shelves aren’t usually ideal. If you check their nutritional labels, they’re often filled with sugars, additives, artificial flavorings, and preservatives. Bluntly speaking, you do not want those in a juice cleanse.

100% cold pressed juices are the best one-day detox drinks. These are as good as eating fruit and vegetables! Each bottle of cold pressed juice (like the ones you find at Little West) could have 2-4 pounds’ worth of fresh produce. You get maximum value and nutrition here. You’re going on a 1 day cleanse after all… Make it count!

What Else Can You Expect When Going On One-Day Cleanses?

one day juice cleanse

Everyone’s body responds differently to a juice cleanse. Since there’s no guarantee that you’ll feel certain side effects (which is a good thing), we’ll quickly go through what may happen during your cleanse. Again, you might not experience any of these side effects, especially if you’re just detoxing for one day, but it still helps to be mindful of them.

  1. You feel tired and sluggish - This is normal! Even when we mentioned how it can improve your sleep, you might feel extra tired the next day. You have, after all, skipped your solid meals. 
  1. You feel more hungry - This is expected. Try to resist the temptation to eat if you can. It’s just for a day! We’re sure you can steel yourself.
  1. You go to the bathroom a lot more - Don’t panic if you notice that you’re peeing a lot more during your cleanse. Your body has ideally absorbed all the necessary nutrients and is only flushing out the excess. Plus, you may simply be drinking more liquids than usual. 

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Get Your One-Day Detox Juices at Little West

one day detox juice

Now that you know what to do and expect, where do you get your juices? Here at Little West!

Little West has juices and kits that you can check out. You can even take customization to the next level and Build Your Own Box. We’re sure you can take on that juice cleanse with these in your back pocket!