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Amazing Health Benefits of Carrot Apple Ginger Juice

Amazing Health Benefits of Carrot Apple Ginger Juice

When it comes to juice blends, the possibilities are almost endless. We’re familiar with classic combinations like cucumber and lemon, lemon and ginger, and orange and carrot. All of those juices sound quite tasty, but a Carrot Apple Ginger juice stands out on its own! 

Other juice blends do provide many valuable nutrients, as well, so we’re not saying that other juices aren’t healthy. We’re actually just here to tell you about the benefits of drinking Carrot Apple Ginger juice blends like Go Big!

Should You Juice Yourself or Purchase Pre-Packed Blends?

Juicing with carrot and apple (not to mention ginger) at home can be a time-consuming activity. 

Go Big | Beet Kale Apple Ginger Juice Blend

Go Big | Beet Kale Apple Ginger Juice Blend

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First, you’ll need to buy all the ingredients, then wash them carefully and cut off any stems. You’ll also need to chop your carrots, apples, and ginger into small pieces to fit into your juicer. Apples need to have the core and seeds removed as well. Depending on the type of juicer you have at home, you might also need to peel your ingredients. Peeling small knobs of ginger… now that’s a chore. And that’s not even getting into the time-consuming cleanup process of home juicing.

If you don’t have time to juice daily, or if you’re only going to drink your carrot, apple, and ginger juice every once in a while, it might make more sense for you to buy pre-packed cold pressed juice blends like Little West. Ordering juice is a huge time-saver. Plus, you don’t have to worry about measuring ingredients to get the flavors right. You’ll know your juice tastes delicious right out of the bottle!

Carrot Apple Ginger Juice Benefits

In order to really get into what carrot apple ginger juice benefits are, we’ll need to break them down and go into what ingredient gives the juice its particular advantages. Don’t worry — it won’t be as complicated as it sounds. Read on and see for yourself!

1. Hydration

We get it. It’s juice! Isn’t it supposed to hydrate you? You got us there! While one can live with water alone, sometimes we need that extra “oomph” to enjoy staying hydrated. When you’re feeling sick, water sometimes doesn’t cut it. That’s why a proper juice can give you a mood boost while hydrating you!

Carrot apple ginger juice, as the name already suggests, contains apples. This fruit is about 85 to 86% water already. So good juice blends won’t be watered down, because they don’t need to be. The best juices will simply be made with real fruit and vegetables (like the ones at Little West)! It’s hydration that tastes great. Simple as that.

2. Vitamin A

We’ve heard it all before, but is it actually true? Yes, carrots are known for being a source of vitamin A. Yes, vitamin A can help you maintain normal vision. It can also help keep your immune system up and running smoothly.

The latter benefit is actually attributed to the carrot’s carotenoids -- that’s actually an antioxidant that can be converted into vitamin A. This also gives your immune system a boost and helps prevent diseases. In this case, the more vitamin A, the merrier! 

3. Energy Boost

Carrot Apple Ginger Juice - Energy Boost

If you’ve spent a decent amount of time browsing the web, chances are you’ve seen plenty of lists of “fun facts” about fruits and vegetables. You may have read on one of these lists that apples contain caffeine! Well, we’re here to debunk this “fact” (if you could call it that). Apples do not contain caffeine.

Apples do, however, contain natural sugars – and it’s the reason why they can give you an energy boost! Natural sugars are present in fruits and veggies and can give you a boost without the sudden “crash” that’s often associated with artificially sweetened beverages and caffeinated drinks.

4. Digestion

Ginger, a main component in our titular juice blend, is a fantastic digestive aid. It can encourage efficient digestion, soothe nausea or upset stomach, and promote more “regularity.” That’s why you’ll often find lemon and ginger shots marketed to help you with any tummy troubles. 

Our Go Big juice already comes with ginger and lemon. So you won’t need to get another drink or shot elsewhere to make use of its detoxifying benefits.

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Get Your Carrot Apple Ginger Juice Now!

Carrot Apple Ginger Juice

We don’t really think we need to further convince you why this juice blend is a fantastic choice. Given the list of carrot apple ginger juice benefits, you’ll get to that conclusion yourself!

As always, it’s better to let natural ingredients do the talking. Little West only blends fruits and vegetables into our bottles of juice. It’s 100% natural, with zero artificial ingredients, added sugars, preservatives, or concentrates. Plus, they are never watered down.

A carrot apple ginger juice like Go Big has the juice of 2-4 pounds’ worth of beets and kale per bottle. Talk about a juicy juice! Its veggie-forward taste is balanced with just the right amount of sweetness and comes with a little ginger kick.

And don't forget, you can incorporate our juice cleanse & juice subscription into your daily routine for a convenient and healthy lifestyle choice.