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7 Best Juices To Relieve Constipation

Best Juices To Relieve Constipation

Curious about the best juice for constipation? Before we get to listing what juices for constipation you need to drink, let’s figure out what you’re trying to remedy. We know that constipation isn’t anyone’s favorite topic of conversation, but it’s important to understand this common ailment.

Constipation is quite common and can be experienced by young and old alike. It is when you can’t fully empty your bowels or don’t have regular movements. While constipated, you may experience symptoms like cramps, abdominal bloating, and a decrease in appetite.

You can get prescription laxatives or purchase over-the-counter meds to relieve constipation, but natural remedies are always helpful and can be very effective for many people. So, without further ado, allow us to introduce 7 of the best juices for constipation.

Coconut Water

Dehydration is one of the most common causes of constipation. So if you’ve ever looked up how to naturally relieve constipation, the top of the list of home remedies would be to hydrate. What better juice for constipation than “nature’s sports drink,” coconut water?

Drinking plenty of fluids can help “move things along” (if you catch our drift). Dehydration causes constipation because if you don’t have sufficient fluids in your body, the intestine will remove extra water from your stool. This process keeps your body from wasting precious water, but it leads to difficulty having bowel movements.

Drinking coconut water can relieve both constipation and dehydration. Think of it as a refreshing and tasty two-in-one solution!

Cranberry Juice

Is cranberry juice good for constipation? Why, yes it is! That’s why it’s near the tippy-top of our list. Unfortunately it’s a little bit difficult to find fresh cranberry juice. 

So, why IS cranberry juice considered one of the best juices for constipation? Generally, a serving of cranberry juice can contain about 4 to 5 grams of fiber, which can help in preventing constipation and is wonderful for maintaining good digestive health. 

But it’s worth mentioning that drinking too much cranberry juice may have a laxative effect as well. We know it can get tempting since prescription laxatives may be recommended for battling bouts of constipation. But we urge you to only drink the proper amount!

Apple Juice

If we combine what we know about coconut water and cranberry juice, then convincing you why apple juice is fantastic should be very easy! Apple juice is good for constipation as it ticks two boxes right out of the gate. It’s a great juice for hydration and it’s delicious! 

Plus, a medium apple can have as much as 4.5 grams of fiber. That’s with the skin on, mind you. So that’s the juice you want to get! A lot of brands peel the skin off, but it’s what makes the apple extra nutritious.

Also, apples have a very high water content – they’re made up of roughly 86% water. So drinking apple juice will surely help in hydrating you!

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Watermelon Juice

Next on our list of the best juices for constipation is none other than watermelon juice! Apples are already nearing 90% when it comes to water content. Watermelons, however, are already there.

As the name implies, watermelons are made up of 90 to 92% of water. That said, fresh raw watermelons don’t have as much fiber as apples – however, this may be a good thing! Did you know that constipation can be the result of getting too much fiber? On top of that, too much fiber may also cause bloating and gas.

If you’re experiencing the mentioned symptoms, opt to skip fiber-rich fruits and drink some watermelon juice instead.

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Orange Juice

Now, why is OJ in this list? Since constipation can leave you feeling weak, orange juice can help boost your overall immunity. We know you’ve heard about this already, so let’s discuss something new!

Naringenin. What is it? Citrus fruits like oranges are full of these compounds. For people suffering from constipation, it’s naringenin that actually provides you with that much-needed relief.

Orange juice doesn’t have that much fiber nor does it contain the same amount of water as apple juice or watermelon juice. But if you’re tired of drinking the same juices over and over again, it can be a welcome addition to your daily intake.

Prune Juice

Remembering what we talked about earlier, constipation is when you don’t have regular bowel movements or when you can’t fully empty your bowels. If you’re experiencing those symptoms, you can grab a glass of prune juice. 

In a study done in 2022, a group of people were asked to drink 54 grams of prune juice each day. After the duration of the study, these folks reported having softer stools and more frequent bowel movements.

Prune juice also works in two ways. Its fiber content helps bulk up your stool and its natural sorbitol content is what softens them. As you can imagine, this makes it easier to “go.” 

Celery Juice

We’re ending the list of the best juices for constipation with an unlikely entry… and that’s celery juice! That’s because celery juice is also high in water content. Also, it’s good to add a good vegetable juice to the mix for extra nutrients like vitamins, mineraland antioxidants.

We now know that juices that help with constipation are often the ones that hydrate you and give you nutrients. Raw celery itself is 95% water and is a good source of fiber. (It also makes a great low calorie snack.)

Celery juice is our better-than-water alternative when you don’t want the extra calories that fruit juice may provide. An 8 oz. serving of celery juice is about 33 calories and unsweetened apple juice (to compare) has 120 calories. It’s not a lot of calories, but the comparison is helpful for those that need it.

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Natural, homemade remedies are helpful in a lot of ways and we know a lot of people will agree.

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