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How Juice Cleansing Boosts Your Immune System

how juice cleansing boost immunity

Are you interested in an immune-boosting juice cleanse? You’re in the right place! That’s what we’re talking about today.

We know that juice cleanses are done as a form of detox or as a weight loss starter. Luckily for everyone, it can double up as an immune booster. But… How so? When should you do a cleanse in the first place? What makes a juice cleanse for the immune system work?

We’re glad you came curious. Without further ado, let’s talk about juice.

How Does A Juice Cleanse Work?

how does juice cleanse work

If you’re new to the scene, this section is for you. To put it simply, a juice cleanse is somewhat of a short diet that involves ONLY drinking fruit and vegetable juices. They could be done for a day or two, but some even go on longer cleanses. We mentioned earlier that juice cleanses are done for detox. And it’s kind of how you would already imagine…

A juice cleanse detox works since you’re only drinking juice for some time. Without the consumption of solid foods, your body is focused on only the fruits and vegetables you’re drinking. Without needing to work overtime to digest those solid foods, your digestive system gets some rest - like a refresh. It’s also during this time your body can “flush out” toxins and waste. 

And about losing weight - A lot of folks go on juice cleanses to jumpstart their journey. Not consuming solid foods for a while will lead to a little bit of weight loss. After a cleanse, all you have to do is to maintain it with the proper habits. 

Short and sweet. We hope this sheds some light on juice cleanses and how they work! 

Why Juice Cleanses Can Boost Your Immune System?

why juice cleanse boost immunity system

Good and proper juices contain two key ingredients: fruits and vegetables. We emphasize fruits and vegetables because you wouldn’t believe how many unnecessary ingredients crawl their way into mass-produced juices (We’ll get to this later)

We all know that people who eat (or drink) fruit and vegetables have stronger immune systems. There are studies to support this! That’s because immunity and nutrition go hand in hand. That’s also why you’ll hear folks recommending you drink orange juice when you’re coming down with a cold or why you get recommended a ginger shot when you’re having tummy troubles. Fruits and vegetables are naturally nutrient-rich foods that could help people stay healthy. 

If you feel like you and the people around you are getting sick more frequently, try checking your diet. The CDC reports that only 1 in 10 adults get enough fruits or vegetables - so it really shouldn’t be surprising (although it honestly still is).

When going on a juice cleanse, take this opportunity to build up a habit of getting some delicious fruits and veggies into your system. We understand it may be difficult. We fall victim to buying fresh produce to cook at home and forgetting we even have them. We know, we know… What a waste!

That’s why we prefer to drink our recommended portion of fruits and veggies. We can get everything that we need in one tasty, convenient bottle. In case you didn’t know, each bottle of Little West juice can contain 2 to 4 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables! All of this may help boost your immunity. Think of this as a juice cleanse booster.

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Can All Juices Help My Immunity?

is all juices good for immunity

Quite frankly, no. But let us explain!

We mentioned that mass-produced juices may contain unnecessary ingredients. And this is true! To get products to shelves and have them stay tasty, manufacturers often add artificial flavorings, colorings, preservatives, and sugars. We don’t have to tell you that these can cause more harm than good if you’re solely relying on juices riddled with those ingredients. 

That’s why you want to set yourself up with the right kind of juices - like the ones you’ll find at Little West. These juices will be free from added sugars, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, concentrates, and additives. We let the ingredients shine as they are!

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Get A Juice Boost The Right Way

get a juice boost right way

Now that you know how juice cleanses can help the immune system, you probably want to get your juice fix. And we’re sure that Little West is at the top of your list! And we haven’t mentioned the best part yet - we deliver! That’s right, your nutrient-packed cold pressed juices can be delivered straight to your home. No matter how busy you are, you can now drink delicious fruit and vegetable juices!