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Oranges vs Orange Juice: Which Is Better?

orange vs orange juice

When you’re batting the sniffles, people often hand you or recommend you drink a bottle of OJ. But how does that compare to a couple of actual oranges? Are you better off eating some fruit instead of the oh-so-convenient orange juice?

Truth be told, we aren’t always fond of eating oranges - only because peeling them is a bit of a hassle. And if you think we’re exaggerating, a standard bottle of OJ contains roughly 4 oranges. A gallon would more likely contain 36. If you think we’re standing around peeling oranges all the live-long day at home, you’re mistaken! That’s why we think the orange peel challenge in TikTok was created. It’s because people just don’t want to peel their oranges themselves.

Also, think of the storage! Where would we even begin to keep the bushels of oranges needed to make some juice? Okay, THIS would be an exaggeration. But still, the point remains! Orange juice is just more convenient. 

Quick FAQs About Orange Juice

orange juice

What are the nutrition facts of orange juice?

You can’t mention orange juice without mentioning vitamin C. A cup contains 124 mg of it, a bit of protein at 124mg, and some calcium at 27.3 mg. Surprisingly, it contains a generous amount of potassium at 496 mg. That’s almost the same potassium content as a large-sized banana

How many calories are in orange juice?

A standard cup of orange juice is only 111 calories. If you’re travelling and fresh fruits aren’t readily or safely available, OJ makes for a quick fix. In the same instance, the calories won’t contribute too much if you’re eating all that yummy food in your travel destination! 

Are all orange juices safe to drink?

Generally, yes. We think it’s okay to assume that all the juices you find in the market are “safe” to drink, but they won’t be made the same. Some are free of added sugars, some are riddled with them. Some are free of preservatives, some need them to stay on the shelves longer.

A Couple of Q’s About Oranges


How many calories does an orange have?

One large orange has only 87 calories. You’d be correct in thinking that it has more calories compared to a cup of juice! That’s probably because it loses a lot of its fibre content. That’s just what happens when fruits go into the juicer. 

How much fiber is in an orange?

One large orange contains a generous 4.4 grams of fibre. A cup of its juice equivalent has less than half a gram. Again, fruits tend to lose some nutrients when they go through the juicing process. That doesn’t mean it all goes away. Some of it just gets lost along the way.

What variety of oranges should I eat?

Any kind of fresh orange you get your hands on is pretty much great. You don’t have to seek out fancy, expensive, or imported oranges since they might contain more nutrients or could taste better. Any orange, or any fresh fruit really, will do your diet some good.

Oranges vs Orange Juice: Which One Should You Get?

orange vs orange juice

Let’s be realistic here. If you’re looking to get the peak nutritional value of your food, just get oranges. You get them as good as they come, with all that fibre and other natural nutrients. Juices might come with additives, preservatives, and added sugars - and this may turn you off. Those extra calories aren’t really going to affect your diet as well.

If you prefer convenience and still want that good ‘ol vitamin C, juices aren’t bad. You’re still getting a pretty hefty dose of oranges, and you don’t have to do anything else. Plus, if you get your orange juice at reputable places like her at Little West, they’ll be free of additives and preservatives, And they won’t come watered down, either.

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The Matchup We Never Knew We Needed

cold pressed orange juice

Oranges vs orange juice? We shouldn’t pit them against each other! Good juices and fresh fruits should be part of everyone’s diet. A balanced diet is one of the best things for a happy, healthy life.

Though we don’t exactly have fresh fruits available, we do have the next best thing! Little West is home to some of the tastiest cold pressed juices…ever. They don’t have any added sugars, sweeteners, or preservatives. They’re just good juices made with natural ingredients!