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Surprising Health Benefits Of Drinking Orange Juice

Surprising Health Benefits Of Drinking Orange Juice

Orange juice is a staple beverage in many households. You can drink it during breakfast, lunch, snack time, and dinner. As kids, our parents would even pack a carton of tasty OJ in our lunch boxes. But why? What are the benefits of orange juice? Is there anything beneficial about drinking a glass of orange juice from time to time? Also, is orange juice good for you?

So many questions…Good thing we’re here to talk about the benefits of orange juice!

1. Vitamin C

benefits of orange juice - vitamin c

Alright, alright. We know this isn’t necessarily surprising information. Almost everyone knows that OJ is packed with Vitamin C. This is usually drunk to prevent flu. We also know that a healthy amount of Vitamin C can help us with our immunity!

But did you know that Vitamin C is also recommended for pregnant women? That’s because it can help with fetal development! Vitamin C also allows your body to make collagen. That’s what you and your baby’s tendons, bones, and skin need - now that’s surprising!

One more surprising fact is that oranges don’t have the most Vitamin C content among fruits. The top spot goes to guavas! But as you can probably guess, guavas aren’t that easy to get any time you want. 

That’s where oranges come in. They’re affordable and easy to get in juice form. You won’t have to go through the process of peeling them. Just grab a bottle of OJ and you’re more than good to go.

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2. OJ Keeps the Heart OK

Orange juice helps to keep your heart healthy

We often associate orange juice with flu. But there are other benefits of orange juice we should acknowledge, too. For example, orange juice is said to help keep blood sugar levels low.

There’s also a type of antioxidant in orange juice called hesperidin. This is what helps lower the risk of heart disease and improve blood vessel function.

So, going back to the question... “Is orange juice good for you?” That would be a resounding yes!

3. Vitamin See

orange juice helps you to see

Here’s one you don’t hear often when talking about the benefits of orange juice. Orange juice can help keep ocular blood vessels healthy! Orange juice hasn’t made a name for itself in terms of being a source of Vitamin A, but it really should. Did you know that oranges may minimize the risk of getting nuclear cataracts?

Is orange juice good for you? This study followed a group of people over a 15-year period and observed that having a serving of oranges every day reduced the likelihood of developing late macular degeneration.

4. Vitamin D-licious!

Orange juice is delicious

A shortage of Vitamin D may increase the risk of asthma. That’s for both children and adults! A lot of OJ in the market comes fortified with Vitamin D (Oranges do not naturally contain vitamin D). If you aren’t keen on taking supplements, going the all-natural route is always best. 

Vitamin D is also wonderful because it is an immunity booster! Pair that with orange juice’s Vitamin C, and you’re getting one good juice that packs a punch!

5. A Healthy Balance

Orange juice helps maintain a healthy balance in your diet

Another item for the benefits of orange juice list is regulation. What do we mean by that? Orange juice is a great source of potassium. Bananas are still the potassium king, but orange juice is a close second. If you’re looking for a Vitamin C source and a kick of potassium, you’re looking in the right place with OJ.

Potassium is helpful for heartbeat regulation, proper muscle function, and fluid balance. Everything is kept in tip-top shape thanks to potassium, and that’s what you want! It’s also helpful for managing high blood pressure. Just remember, with potassium, you’re getting balance and regulation!

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To wrap up

orange juice

A glass of orange juice a day is a-ok - just watch the servings and don’t overdo it! You’ll definitely find loads of options out there, but it’s always best to find one that’s natural and preservative-free! Oranges are already delicious, they don’t really need anything else to be tasty.

Whether you're sipping it as a part of your cold-pressed juice routine, including it in a juice cleanse, or enjoying its convenience through our juice subscription, orange juice offers a multitude of advantages. We hope you picked up a thing or two about the benefits of orange juice. Enjoy a glass today!

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