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The Health Benefits of Beets and Beet Juice

The Health Benefits of Beets and Beet Juice

Ah, the humble beetroot. Some folks love beets. Others think they’re the worst. But there's no denying that beets are a nutritional powerhouse that promote liver function, digestive health, and help reduce inflammation. That’s why they’re a key ingredient in Little West’s Go Big cold pressed juice. 

Beets are high in fiber, folic acid, potassium, manganese, iron, vitamin C, and other vitamins and minerals. Thanks to these nutrients, beets have many health benefits.

In fact, beets have been used in holistic medicine as far back as 2000 B.C.! Beets were grown in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. These early cultures used beets as a natural remedy to treat stomach problems and illnesses related to the blood.

Although we like to drink our beets, you can also enjoy this superfood in a salad, soup, stir-fry, or other recipes. In addition to the roots, the beet’s leaves (known as beet greens) are also edible. Beet greens are a rich source of vitamin B6 and calcium.

Here are some of the amazing health benefits of beets:

Liver Function

Beets contain natural compounds called betalains, which gives the root its distinct red-purple color. Betalains also promote healthy liver function. They act as a natural detoxifier, helping your liver filter toxins more effectively -- and easing hangover symptoms. Studies suggest that betalains in beets may also lower cancer risk and suppress the growth of tumor cells. 

Reduce Inflammation

Rich in antioxidants, beets fight the “free radicals” that contribute to inflammation. Chronic inflammation has been linked to a variety of health problems, from achy joints to serious conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. When you eat (or drink!) more beets, you can reduce inflammation in the body and may lower your risk of disease. 

Digestion and Gut Health

Although beets can sometimes have a rather, uh, colorful side-effect, they’re actually very healthy for digestion and gut health. Beets help relieve constipation, gas, and bloating. They’re also a great source of prebiotic fiber, which means they help support the good bacteria your body needs for long-term digestive health.

Glowing Skin

Thanks to the vitamin C in beets, this root vegetable can give you glowing skin. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that reduces sun damage and stimulates natural collagen production. Beets can also improve your complexion because they boost liver function. By helping your liver flush out more toxins, beets can give you clearer, brighter skin.

Immunity Boosting

A stronger immune system is another one of the health benefits of beets. The folic acid, B vitamins, and vitamin C in beetroots and beet greens help the body fight off infections. Vitamin C has been known to reduce the length and severity of cold symptoms, while folic acid and B vitamins help regenerate red blood cells.

When It Comes to Health, Beets Are Un-Beet-Able

If you want to get healthier, there’s no "beeting" around the bush! Beets are un-beet-able. From the greens to the roots, beets are a fantastic superfood that deliver valuable nutrients for your body.

Haven’t acquired a taste for beets? Well, we’re rooting for you! We’ve heard from many folks who love Little West Go Big even though they don’t normally care for beets. With beets, kale, carrots, apple, wheatgrass, lemon, and ginger, Go Big has a delicious flavor that’s sweet, earthy, and crisp. 

Experience the health benefits of beets in our Go Big cold pressed juice. Try Go Big on its own, or enjoy it as part of our Little West Immunity Kit.

And the beet goes on...

Little West Go Big Ultra Premium Cold Pressed Juice - with Healthy Beets!

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