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Visualizing the Effects of a Juice Cleanse: Before and After

Visualizing the Effects of a Juice Cleanse

How does a juice cleanse impact your body? Before we dive into all the amazing effects of a juice cleanse, it’s important to understand some juice cleanse basics.

One: Not everyone experiences the same juice cleanse before and after effects. You need to manage your expectations a little here. Sure, a lot of people can generally say they’ve experienced certain things, but your body may feel a little differently.

Two: If your body does react differently to a juice cleanse, maybe negatively, it’s totally ok. If you experience a little discomfort, make adjustments to nip them right in the bud. Juice cleanses are not a one-size-fits-all experience. If you have any medical conditions or concerns, it’s also a good idea to speak to your doctor before trying a cleanse.

Three: You can eat certain foods and drink water when on a juice cleanse. Though considered a short-term fast, juice cleanses can be supported by eating some veggies, fruits, or nuts. If you’re thirsty, have a drink of water. These are totally ok and you should never ignore severe hunger pangs and thirst. You know your body better than anyone!

Four: The types of juices matter. It seems kind of obvious, doesn’t it? But you definitely experience a different cleanse if you drink cold pressed juices versus ones that you potentially buy from the average grocery store. They have different ingredients, sugar levels, and some may even contain artificial flavors or preservatives. Trust us on this – ingredients make or break a proper juice cleanse.

Five: Always prepare your body! Especially if you’re doing a longer cleanse. While it may be tempting to go “zero to sixty,” you’ll want to give your body time to adjust before cleansing – especially if your daily diet is high in ultra-processed foods. Take a few days before your cleanse to eat more whole foods like raw fruits and veggies. This will make your juice cleanse experience much easier. 

Six: Go on a short cleanse if you’re new. Comparing the before and after of a 3 day detox with a 7 day juice cleanse really won’t matter if you don’t finish it.

Seven: Speaking of finishing the cleanse, everyone’s finish line looks different. Some may think that a week-long cleanse may be better for the results they’re aiming for. For others, the before and after results look just the same with a short juice fast.

Now that all of that is out of the way, let’s take a look at what the potential effects of different kinds of cleanse durations are.

3 Day Juice Cleanse: Before and After

Before: Feeling sluggish, bloated, and in need of a digestive reboot

After: Potentially a more relaxed tummy and control of cravings

For post-holiday recovery, a short fast may be ideal. It’s not too long that it gets in the way of going back to work. It’s short, but a lot of folks claim it to be enough to give their digestive system a rest. For some, the difference between a 7 day cleanse compared to a 3 day cleanse is microscopic, meaning that it’s more worthwhile to go on a short juice cleanse.

5 Day Juice Cleanse: Before and After

Before: Feeling hungry during random moments of the day, lack of energy

After: Less irritability compared to a short cleanse, more balanced energy, better mood

On top of the before and after effects similar to the 3 day cleanse, a 5 day cleanse may help you achieve additional benefits like improved mood and energy levels. This is likely because your body is getting the hang of the juice cleanse (getting used to the routine) rather than it actually providing you with these specific benefits. That’s why you’re in control of your emotions. But again, it’s different for everyone.

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7 Day Juice Cleanse: Before and After

5 day juice cleanse

Before: Everything mentioned above

After: Everything mentioned above, a little bit of lost weight, hunger reset

We don’t really recommend going on a 7 day juice cleanse if you’re a beginner. However, people often boast about losing weight while on a cleanse. More prominent weight loss may happen on a longer cleanse, but you may notice that on a short one as well. But you may likely just get all that weight back once you stop the cleanse. Remember, the best way to do a juice cleanse for weight loss is to use the cleanse as a reset or “launch pad” for healthier long-term habits. A cleanse may also reboot your body’s hunger signals, meaning you actually don’t just feel hungry all the time.

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Don’t Forget!

Juice cleanses aren’t a magic cure-all. While you’re likely to experience many of the benefits mentioned above, or other positive changes to your physical and emotional well-being, the best way to achieve lasting changes involve healthy habits you can maintain for the long-term. Trying a juice cleanse is just one small piece of the bigger picture!

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