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Watermelon Juice for Weight Loss: A Tasty Addition to Your Diet Plan

Watermelon Juice for Weight Loss

If it isn’t apparent, we’re all about juices here at Little West. We think they’re absolutely fabulous! Not only are they delicious and refreshing, but they’re also chock-full of those vital nutrients your body needs to thrive. 

You can drink your essential nutrients easier with juice than you would with a meal. It’s more convenient and you can have it just about any time. With meals, you usually have to stick to designated times - especially when you’re working. 

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Right now, we’re going to talk about one of our absolute favorites - the bright, red, and refreshing watermelon juice! Watermelon juice is good for weight loss and for your overall diet. But how so? That’s what we’re here to discuss!

Watermelon Juice Helps In Weight Loss

When we talk about making dietary substitutions, most people think about how they can change the foods they eat. You know, replacing chips with veggie sticks or heavy meals with a salad bowl. If you’re trying to lose weight, changing your food menu can be a healthy step - but don’t forget about the beverages you drink!

Depending on how you drink your coffee, that can certainly affect your weight loss goals. If you usually prepare your brew with creamers and spoonfuls of sugar, it may not support your health and fitness goals. But if you simply can’t bring yourself to drink plain, unsweetened coffee, you could try replacing it with a delicious glass of watermelon juice!

Unlike sugary artificial beverages, watermelon juice is naturally sweet all on its own. You can also make the easy switch from sodas to watermelon juice. Pure watermelon juice has all-natural fruit sugar instead of the refined sugars or artificial sweeteners found in many coffee drinks, sodas, and energy drinks.

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Watermelon Juice Benefits For Weight Loss

On top of being a healthy and simply better alternative to your sodas and coffees, there’s also some science behind watermelon juice being good for diets and weight loss plans. 

The first fun fact is that watermelons are actually 92% water! And you can bet that this water content helps you stay hydrated. One unlikely side effect of dehydration is actually hunger. If you feel hungry, you eat - that’s how it is. So staying at the right level of hydrated will keep you from having the munchies. 

Watermelon juice, as we have noted, is good for overall hydration. It can also be good for rehydration! After working out, your body would have lost fluids. At least we hope you’re exercising... Watermelon juice is great and all, but you won’t shed those pounds without supplementing it with exercise! You can drink some watermelon juice to replenish what you’ve lost during that much-needed workout and refresh yourself entirely… Another neat way watermelon juice is good for weight loss!

Eating watermelons or drinking watermelon juice will also help you stay full. Fruit like watermelon generally keep you feeling full or satiated longer than processed snack foods like cookies or chips. Pair that with the fact that they're also low in calories and you’ve got yourself the makings of a great weight loss plan right there. 

Watermelon Juice For Weight Loss: It’s All In The Mind

watermelon juice

Next up, let’s talk about some of the psychological ways that watermelon juice for weight loss can help. When you’re going to workouts and putting yourself through diets, you’ll end up having cravings. It happens to all of us! We miss the tasty treats and sweet drinks like you won’t believe!

Sometimes, it’s all about helping ourselves get to the next day. Tempted to order that sweet iced tea from the chain restaurant? Get a drink of watermelon juice instead (it’s helpful if you always have some at home). It’s naturally sweet, tasty, and simply better in more ways than one. You’ll be glad to get this and resist the urge to get some takeout. 

There’s simply no need to erase all that hard work for a moment of weakness. Sure, grant yourself a cheat day if that helps you reach the end goal. But stick to taking a break ONLY on your cheat days and never at random instances in your journey! We believe in you!

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Let Loose With Watermelon Juice

You can make watermelon juice at home. It’s rather easy once you slice into that watermelon. But we understand that, like water and all other drinks, you can get tired of it at some point. Instead of googling watermelon juice recipes for weight loss to make yours taste better, why not grab some here at Little West? We’ve got a cold-pressed juice, juice cleanse and juice subscription options, including a watermelon juice blend that’s packed with flavor and a smattering of other delicious fruits and veggies!