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5 Juices To Help Cure Your Hangover

Juices To Help Cure Your Hangover

It’s Sunday morning. There is light coming through your apartment window. The sun wakes you up. You open your eyes and take a look around. All seems well. And then it hits you…

Oh no. Your mouth is dry. There is a pounding in your head that sounds like a pneumatic drill. All you want to do is crawl up into a little ball. You Google ‘ three-week detox’ and consider becoming a monk.

We’ve all been there. The hangover. Nature's cruelest punishment. Every good night out is counterbalanced with a hellish morning. And we all have our special remedies: a greasy breakfast, a gallon of water, a day in bed watching trashy TV. 

But. There is one thing you just must have on hand. A detoxifying wonder that will help you out of the hole you have dug yourself. A Little West Juice is the golden bullet you need. Every hangover needs one. 

Packed with all sorts of goodies to save your skin, you should always have an emergency stack of these little bottles of juice for hangovers. Keep them nice and cool in the refrigerator, and reach for them in your hour of need. Trust us, you won’t regret it. 

5 Juices To Help Cure Your Hangover

When we’re hungover our body is dealing with a few different things. Toxins in the blood, an overstimulated stomach, dehydration (to name a few). And whilst sleep and painkillers might help a little, your body is going to be grateful when you target the specific issues it’s dealing with. 

These hangover cure drinks from Little West do just that.

Gold’n Greens

Gold's Greens

First up on the list of juice for hangovers is the Gold’n Greens. It’s a marvel. It’s packed full of pineapple, which means you’ll be drinking bromelain. Bromelain is an enzyme that’s great for digestion and immune support. What’s not to love about this hangover cure drink? 

This juice is for a hangover. So it’s full of turmeric, which is a fantastic anti-inflammatory. Just what you need when your body is in recovery mode. And what’s more, this hangover cure drink uses fresh root turmeric, never the powder. It’s as fresh and anti-inflammatory as it comes!

The Clover

the clover

Next up we have The Clover. A great juice for a hangover. This is straight-up green-heaven. We’re talking mint, cucumber, kale, celery, spinach, pear, cilantro, AND lime. It’s a vitamin C and Iron megadose.

Iron is crucial for delivering oxygen around the body. You’ll be grateful for the help. 



Two different kinds of apple, lemon, AND ginger? Yes, please. This Gingersnap juice is the one that’s going to zing you right out of bed. A full-throttled punch that might just be the thing to snap you out of your slumber. An ideal juice for hangovers. 

And what’s more, ginger is a bit of a wonder ingredient when it comes to hangovers. It’s no surprise it’s been a part of ancient medicine for thousands of years. 

The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger are going to really help you, and gingerol (the bioactive ingredient found in ginger) helps reduce nausea and upset stomachs. So if you are clutching your belly wishing you didn’t consume whatever you consumed last night? Well, the Gingersnap is the one for you. 

The lemon-y kick will also help blow your sinuses into action. No more head colds, thank you very much. 

And for those of you who can’t quite handle the full force of the Gingersnap power early in the morning, you can pour this juice over ice or mix it with a plain seltzer to calm it down a little. However you take it, this is a juice for hangovers. 

The Quench


Electrolytes are your best friend on a hangover. And that’s where The Quench comes to the rescue. We need electrolytes in our bodies to help us stay hydrated. And there are few things more dehydrating than excessive alcohol intake. 

So when you are suffering the next day, it’s just SO important to reach for a hangover cure drink that is going to deliver you those much-needed electrolytes. What you need is this juice for hangover reduction. 

You see, The Quench is a juice for hangover busting. Watermelon, Jicama, Strawberry, Mint, and Lime combine to keep you as hydrated as you need to be. The special ingredient? Watermelon Rind. That’s right. It’s just SO good for you. Packed full of vitamins to make this the ideal hangover cure drink. 



And last, but most certainly not least, we have The Sunrise. This is the orange treat that will grab you by the scruff of the neck and help you bounce out of bed. Rise and shine it’s time to get on with that day. 

The carrot and orange in this juice combine for a Vitamin C bomb, creating a juice for hangovers that you simply must keep near you at all times. Coconut Water delivers you the electrolytes you need and ginger and turmeric are the anti-inflammatory friends that make this a hangover cure drink to remember. 

Are you needing to get on with your day? Is this the kind of hangover you need to do a day’s work on? Well, The Sunrise is the juice for you. Your helping hand to put last night behind you and deliver you to the day ahead. 

To Sum Up 

So there you have it. Five sure-fire ways to hit that hangover on the head. Whatever kind of hangover you are dealing with, there's a hangover cure drink for you. 

Whether you want to relax in bed, get on with your day, or just quieten down that headache whilst you take a gentle stroll, you don’t need to suffer in silence anymore. 

Because nights out are meant to be enjoyed, and the day after shouldn’t be all pain. Get yourself a hangover juice and soothe that hangover away.


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