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7 Best Cold Pressed Juices To Try This Black Friday

5 Best Cold-Pressed Juices To Try This Black Friday

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, New Year… there’s a lot going on in winter and it can take a toll on our health. All that shopping, eating, drinking, and socializing – as fun as it may be -- can quickly overtake our healthy habits. Not to mention the cold weather! But don’t worry – it’s easy to enjoy the festivities of winter while looking after yourself, too.

Cold pressed juices are a great way to ensure you’re getting enough nutrients to make the most of the winter and the celebrations that come with it. When our immune system is compromised, it can be easy to fall prey to common colds, flu, and more. Cold pressed juices are great any time of the year, but we like to ensure we’re getting our daily dose of vitamin-rich juice as we enter the festivities!

Make Black Friday an excuse to do some shopping that looks after you. Skip buying that new TV and invest in your well-being. Resist buying things you don’t need and start buying things you do need. We might be saturated with #SelfCare content these days, but there’s a reason why!

And don’t worry, we’re not saying to skip that prosecco-fuelled night out with your besties, we’re just saying make time to take care of yourself too! Your body will thank you.

What is Cold Pressed Juice?

First things first. Why are we saying “cold pressed” so much? Well, we want to ensure that you know our juice is of the finest quality. We make every effort to ensure we get the BEST out of those awesome fruits and veggies. And we can’t say the same for every juice company! Cold pressed juices are made using a hydraulic press. And, yeah, they’re pressed COLD.

Did you think all juices were pressed cold? Well, you were wrong. Cold pressed juices are fresher than many supermarket brands, meaning you get the most out of those nutritious ingredients. And it’s not just about the health benefits, it’s about getting that perfect taste. Why waste time doing a half-hearted job? We’re better than that and so are you!

If you’ve not tried Little West juices, you’re missing out. You’ll taste the difference. Cold press juices are more vibrant in flavor. Most regular juices use a centrifugal juicer which means there are sharp blades that spin at high speed. These blades generate heat, which damages the taste and nutritional properties of the juice. So trust us, it’s important that we use the term cold pressed juice! It really makes a difference.

Benefits Of Cold Pressed Juice

Now, to hammer home the benefits of cold press juices, in case you weren’t paying attention! It’s pretty simple. We don’t all have the time or the tools to make ourselves freshly pressed juice every day. That’s why we’re doing it for you! Our cold pressed juices have all the benefits that juicing at home offers. But we’re experts. Our taste masters and our nutritional experts ensure the best quality at every turn.

To summarize the benefits: they can do wonders for your health. Cold pressed juices are jam-packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and other awesome nutrients. Your body needs these to support your immune system and pretty much everything else. Digestion, weight management, and even premature aging. You really can’t go wrong with adding cold-pressed juices to your diet.

If you’re prone to grabbing food when you’re out and about, you may have fallen into the habit of consuming foods that are less than nourishing. Cold press juices are a brilliant way to resolve this. Start the day with a glass of the best cold pressed juice and you’ll be feeling the benefits in no time. We could go on about the health benefits for ages but we’ve written some other blog posts that cover this so check those out.

7 Best Cold Pressed Juices To Try This Black Friday

1. Sunrise | Carrot Orange Ginger Turmeric Juice

Sunrise | Carrot Orange Ginger Turmeric Juice

Overindulged? This is one of the best cold-pressed juices for a health boost the day after. Orange juice delivers a powerful dose of vitamin C, while ginger and turmeric can support digestion, immune function, and fight inflammation. It’s also packed with beta-carotene, vitamin A, and antioxidants. This juice looks beautiful and is a real wake-up call -- perfect for sleepy winter mornings!

2. Gingersnap | Ginger Apple Lemon Juice

Gingersnap | Ginger Apple Lemon Juice

Another of the best cold pressed juices, this is a sweet and spicy delight. Ginger is widely celebrated for its potential to support digestion, so this can make a great choice if you are feeling bloated or have a dodgy stomach. It’s common to get sick at some point during winter, and this tasty juice is a real well-being booster. Alternatively, mix it with vodka for a delicious take on the Moscow Mule cocktail! A perfectly warming drink for those festive parties.

3. Go Big | Beet Kale Apple Ginger Juice Blend

Go Big | Beet Kale Apple Ginger Juice Blend

Beetroot is a superfood and superfoods are a great companion at this time of year. In fact, it also contains another 2 superfoods: kale and wheatgrass. This cold-pressed juice is crammed full of vitamin C, potassium, calcium, and iron. Each bottle contains around 2-4 pounds of beet and kale so you can be sure to top up your daily nutrients! Of all the cold-pressed juices, this is a SERIOUS nutrient booster. If you’re feeling under the weather, this cold pressed juice is an awesome choice. And let's not forget: it’s also delicious!

4. Detox Greens | Detoxifying Cucumber Kale Spirulina Juice

Detox Greens | Detoxifying Cucumber Kale Spirulina Juice

Now for one of the best green juices. Good green juice should pack as much flavor as it does nutrition. The green factor here is huge. Each bottle contains cucumber, kale, spirulina, celery, fennel, parsley, coconut water, lemon, and E3Live. Never heard of E3Live? Don’t worry, many people haven’t. E3Live is blue-green algae that are incredibly nutrient-rich. We know that we make the best green juices, and it’s a great way to look after yourself this festive season.

5. Fireball | Ginger Turmeric Cayenne Immunity Shots

Fireball | Ginger Turmeric Cayenne Immunity Shots

This is one of the best cold pressed juices if you want something small but mighty. This is an “immunity shot” meaning you drink a smaller amount, as you would a shot. We don’t usually associate doing shots with good health, but this is the healthy alternative to the shots you might do at parties! It’s spicy and delicious, full of ginger, turmeric, cayenne, lemon, and cracked pepper. We love the spicy warming flavor when it’s cold outside. This is a low-calorie cold pressed juice that guarantees to give you a boost any time of the day!

6. 100% Pure Orange Juice

100% Pure Orange Juice

The humble orange juice is undeniably one of the best cold-pressed juices there is. What’s so special about our orange juice? Well, it’s made with locally grown California oranges and contains no added sugar. Orange juice is packed full of vitamin C and is a classic immune booster. You can’t beat a chilled glass of orange juice to start the day.

7. Immune Booster Juice Kit

Immune Booster Juice Kit (12 Bottles)

If you can’t decide which cold press juice to buy, try our Immune Booster Juice Kit. You get 12 bottles of delicious juices with 2-4 pounds of raw fruits and veggies in every single bottle. This cold pressed juice kit has been designed to look after your immune system, which is especially important at this time of year. Try The Clover, Gingersnap, Orange, Sunrise, Detox Greens, and Go Big. Treat yourself this Black Friday and ensure you feel at the top of your game!

The Final Word

Now that we’ve introduced you to the best cold-pressed juices, you’ve got no excuses to not look after your health this Black Friday. If it’s cold outside, we can be more prone to getting sick. Drink cold pressed juice and ensure you get enough essential nutrients each day. We never make juice from concentrate, nor do we add any sugar. This ensures that our cold-pressed juices are as healthy as can be.

Tired of all that festive shopping? Enjoy a glass of cold pressed juice and you’ll be feeling uplifted in no time at all! Hungover from a Christmas night out? Yup, cold pressed juice is your friend! Bloated from all those delicious foods? Cold pressed juice the next morning, trust us!

‘Tis the season for… cold pressed juice!


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