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A Comprehensive Guide to DIY Juice Cleansing at Home: Tips and Tricks

juice cleansing at home

While many people can go on a cleanse and still go about their daily routines and even go to work, some of us aren’t that lucky. Our bodies are all different and there are a few of us who prefer to go on a DIY Detox juice cleanse at home.

Remote workers are lucky in this regard. There’s no need to brave the outside world and put on a strong face. You’re at home and can go on your DIY Juice cleanse with a little more ease. But there’s still some work to do and things to know. It’s not all smooth sailing for all of us.

That’s why we came up with a few tips that will enlighten you. Some of them would even show you a few tricks on how you can save time and effort while on a cleanse. Let’s get to them!

Juice Cleanse Tips

Tip# 1: Set Realistic Goals

juice cleanse goals

Before going on a cleanse, you’ve got to set some goals. Is your DIY juice cleanse meant for detox? Is it meant to jump-start your weight loss journey? Remember, set realistic and achievable goals. A DIY juice fast won’t instantaneously give you model looks and give you Einstein-level intellect! … At least for now.

By setting your goals and knowing what you aim to achieve, you can now get to the next step - which is finding the right juices to drink.

Tip# 2: Get or Make Your Juice

making your own juice cleanse

So you’ve got your goals, now get your juices in order. If you want your DIY juice cleanse to focus on detox, then you’d best get more greens and ginger-y juices. Don’t forget fiber-rich juices, too. If you get the wrong juices, then you’re obviously not likely to achieve your DIY juice cleanse goals. There’s really no other way around it. 

Can you make your own juices at home for your DIY juice cleanse? Why, of course! A 1 to 3-day homemade juice cleanse will be just as good as any to start with. Get your fruits and veggies from the local store or farmer’s market and get your blender going. If you can splurge on a decent juicer, even better. It also helps if you know how much fruits and vegetables you need to prepare at home. Beginners would often forget that there’s an ideal amount you need per day.

That being said, you can just as easily get juices delivered to you. That means there’s no need to run to the store, wash your groceries, chop your produce, and plug in your juicer. At Little West, we do all the work for you and deliver ready-to-drink and portioned juices straight to your home.

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Tip# 3: Plan When to Drink Your Juice

drinking juice cleanse

You can’t go and drink all your juice all at once to save time! Well, you technically could, but it doesn’t mean you actually should. That’s going to mess your body up more than you think. By spacing out and planning your “meal” time, you minimize hunger pangs and make your do-it-yourself juice cleanse more manageable.

Next, if you’re doing a homemade juice cleanse, this will allow you to make time to juice or blend what you’ll be drinking. Yes, you can pre-make your juices, but it’s best if they’re fresh - especially if you’re making them at home. Often, people don’t know how to properly store their juices and keep them in open containers in the fridge.

Take the bottles at Little West for example. They’re all sanitized and sealed properly until you need to drink your juice. That’s how they should be at home, too! That’s why getting juices delivered is sometimes the easiest and stress-free option.

Tip# 4: Take It Easy

juice cleanse

One of the perks of working at home is that you have access to all your comforts. But still, sometimes a juice cleanse will tire you out and leave you feeling sluggish. Don’t feel guilty if you need to take a day off to recover and get back on your feet after a short and even long cleanse.

Prepare for frequent bathroom trips since you’re going to be more hydrated. You could be a little hangry since you won’t be eating any solid food for a while. All of these symptoms and more can affect you and your coworkers. To avoid any workplace disruptions, give yourself time to recover - especially if you’re new to juice detoxes! 

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D-I-Why Aren’t You On A Cleanse? 

As always, you can get all your cold-pressed Juices and kits here at Little West. Save yourself the trouble and leave it all up to us.