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Eating After A Cleanse - The Do's And Don'ts

Eating After A Cleanse - The Do's And Don'ts

The phenomenon of the juice detox, otherwise known as a juice cleanse or a juice fast has stormed onto the health and wellbeing scene in the last few years, gaining huge popularity.

Advocates of the juice cleanse swear by its astounding health benefits and magical ability to reset your body and gut health with a powerful flood of nutrients. 

Aftercare is important! So we’ve put together a list of the do's and don’ts of what to eat after a juice cleanse and a suggested meal plan.

Why You Should Go On A Juice Cleanse?

A short juice cleanse is a great way to fill your body with vitamins and nutrients, giving it a chance to expel toxins and reset itself

What You Should Eat After A Juice Cleanse

What to eat after a juice cleanse

Small portions at first

A juice detox is a pretty intense thing for your body to go through. Of course, your stomach is used to digesting solid foods, so liquid only for a few days is going to be a bit of a shock to the system.

Try to introduce solid foods in small portions at first, don’t overwhelm your stomach! Start small, and you can go bigger in incremental steps. 

Starting with small portions will get your stomach slowly used to digesting solid foods again, rather than wolfing down a huge meal and feeling nauseous. 

whole foods

Whole foods

Try your best to stick to whole foods after your juice cleanse as opposed to processed foods. This means sticking to organic fruits, vegetables, grains, and healthy fats like olive or avocado oil.

Start with simple fruits and vegetables, and slowly introduce heavier solid foods like carbs and meat. 

Your body has just done all this work to cleanse itself of toxins, you want to keep it that way!

drink lots of water

Lots of water!

Try drinking 3-4 liters of water a day after your juice detox, as it’s really important to stay super hydrated after your body has been through a cleanse. 

Staying hydrated will aid your digestive system in its return to processing solid foods. 

Try drinking warm water with a little lemon juice for maximum hydration.

What You Shouldn’t Eat After A Juice Cleanse?

Processed foods

Processed foods

Although you may be salivating at the thought of a juicy burger or an enormous bowl of mac and cheese, try not to erase all the hard work your body has just done!

Your stomach is likely to be sensitive after a juice detox, so don’t freak it out by shoveling in a load of processed foods that are high in sugar, salt, and fat. 


Carbs and animal products immediately after the juice detox

As we said, your stomach will be small and a little sensitive post-cleanse. Carbohydrates like potatoes and bread are more difficult for your stomach to digest, so leave those for a few days after the cleanse. 

Similarly, animal products like meat and cheese can be heavy on the stomach, so wait a few days to introduce those too. 

refined sugar

Refined sugar

It’s best to avoid refined sugar for a good few days after your juice detox. If you’ve been drinking a lot of juiced fruits on your cleanse, you will already have had a high sugar intake.

Give your body a break and go sugar-free for a few days.

Meal Plan For After Your Juice Cleanse

Day 1

Breakfast: grapes, strawberries, and blueberries.

Lunch: spinach leaves with avocado oil and lemon.

Dinner: broccoli and kale soup. 

Day 2

Breakfast: fruits, a little yogurt, and nut butter.

Lunch: roasted vegetables, steamed sweet potato, and quinoa with olive oil. 

Dinner: brown rice with butternut squash and toasted nuts.

On day 3 you can start to add small amounts of dairy and meat, heavier carbs, and a little caffeine. 

We hope you feel confident in the do's and don’ts of what to eat after a juice detox. Follow this advice and you will make the most of your juice cleanse and feel lighter and brighter!