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Healing from Within: Exploring Gut Health and Inflammation with Juicing

Gut Health and Inflammation with Juicing

It’s time for a health and wellness check. And this time, it’s time to look deep inside… Deep down, rather…. Inside your gut!

The gut is also known as the gastrointestinal system. It is often referred to as the GI system. The whole gut includes the stomach, the intestines, and the colon. So what makes it so special? We all know that every part of your body has its role. The gut, being the most central organ in the body, is linked to key organs and systems in it. That makes it extra important.

Having a healthy gut may mean that your cardiovascular, immune, and digestive system all have a better chance of staying in better shape - and vice versa. And you read that right. Most folks think that their gut is just responsible for digesting food. It’s more than that! And if you’re stressed, the gut can feel it, too. 

What Are The Signs of an Unhealthy Gut?

sign of unhealthy gut health

Now we know that everyone’s bodies are different. There should still be a few, telltale signs that your gut could do with some help. 

If you experience bloating, acid reflux, and abdominal pain, that may be a sign of an unhealthy gut. The same can be said if you’re stressed and find it hard to sleep at night. The gut is linked with mental health, too! These symptoms, difficult as they seem already, mean that you should make certain adjustments to your lifestyle before they get worse. That being said…

Worse conditions like inflammatory bowel disease (or IBD), might happen if you don’t take care of your gut. IBD encompasses Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. This is when there is chronic and prolonged inflammation of the gut (aka gut inflammation). You should seek professional, medical advice when dealing with it!

What Can You Do?

We glossed over needing to make lifestyle changes while you still can. And we mean it! That’s why we need to take a look at some steps you can take to keep your gut healthy. 

  • You Need Exercise

Certain exercises like walking and running improve your cardio and help change the gut microbiota in positive ways. Generally, exercise will do your whole body good. It’s not just the gut. So take this tip and apply it to your daily life!

You’d be surprised what an hour of exercise 3 times a week would do - even if it is just walking! If you don’t move around, any form of exercise will definitely help - no matter how small it is. Just try getting into that habit. 

  • Get Some Sleep

sleeping women

Sleep can affect your gut and your gut can affect your sleep. It may seem like a confusing cycle, but it makes sense once you take a step back. Sleep plays a huge role in gut health and it never should be overlooked.

So try and get some sleep. Get blackout curtains and stay away from caffeine after 5. You can get decaf instead! Stop scrolling through your phone and set it down. Again, start small. You’d be surprised at how “just starting” works!

  • Improve Your Diet

Skip the processed foods whenever you can and ditch the immensely sweet and salty foods. You need nutrients like fiber to make your gut happy. And yes, eat fruits and vegetables! You don’t have to live a strictly carnivorous lifestyle, you know. Cereals, grains, nuts, beans… There is a wide variety of food that you can enjoy without them having to be highly processed.

This is where juicing for gut inflammation can come in. Believe it or not, a lot of adults are unfamiliar with adding fruits and veggies to their diets. So juices for gut health are helpful because they’re filled with them and they’re also quite convenient.

Gut Health and Inflammation with Juices

gut health juicing

If you came here to find out how to heal gut inflammation exactly with one clear solution, then we’d hate to burst that bubble. There isn’t going to be one end-all-be-all answer for that. We strongly suggest that you go see medical advice whenever possible.

After all, we’re juice folks! The best we can do for you is offer you a way to get some fruits and vegetables in your diet without the addition of extra sugars and preservatives. At Little West, we can even deliver these naturally nutritious juices straight to you. This can also save you from being tempted by other processed and artificial foods when you shop around in physical stores.

And with what we know now, drinking cold pressed juices won’t give you a caffeine spike or sugar crash. Fruits and vegetables do have sugar in them, but they’re all natural and, therefore, better than sodas. This means that you can catch those Z’s while getting in those vitamins A, B, and C’s.

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Drink Juice for Gut Health and More

best juices for gut health

You see how gut health and inflammation are connected now. So it’s time to make serious changes if these symptoms we mentioned ring any bells. 

Otherwise, it’s always a good thing when you add more fruits and veggies to your diet. And juices are a convenient and delicious way to do that.