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Green Sips: How Cold Pressed Juice Benefits the Environment

How Cold Pressed Juice Benefits the Environment

 If we told you that drinking cold pressed juice actually helps the planet, you would probably hesitate and wonder if it’s actually true. Seems a little unlikely, huh? How can drinking fruits and veggies actually help the environment? Well, that’s what we’re going to talk about here!

We’re taking a little break from talking about what health benefits you can get from drinking juice… FOR NOW. We think it’s a nice change of pace and it gives us a chance to talk about something else that we’re passionate about: the environment!

Environmental Advantages of Cold Pressed Juice

environmental benefits of cold pressed juice

One lovely benefit of fresh pressed juices is that they leave less of a carbon footprint compared to regular juice. It takes a whole lot of processing to make conventional juices like you find on the shelf in the supermarket. These juices need a lot of ingredients to make, such as sugar or additives. Those are meant to make the juices taste better, but we think cold pressed juices are still superior. They just use au natural fruits and vegetables - nothing more is needed!

There are two ways that cold pressed juices produce less waste. We’ll get to the other one later. But for now, it’s because you get more yield from cold press juices. Not only that, juicing in general means you can use even those fruits and vegetables with a few bumps and bruises. Those often get tossed, especially in groceries where they have to look good in order for them to be added to your cart. Who knew juicing the less visually appealing produce would help reduce waste?

Next up is how your juices are packaged. When it comes to fresh pressed juices, nothing seals in freshness quite like the bottles we use. Little West juices are poured into bottles that are 100% RPET post-consumer plastic. They are also recyclable.

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More Benefits of Pressed Juice

benefits of cold pressed juice

Though we’re talking about how juices help the planet, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention how it could also lead to economic benefits. They go hand in hand in some way. Again, it seems rather unlikely but let us explain why!

It’s rather difficult to talk about cold pressed juices without mentioning their counterpart - and those are juices made with a centrifugal juicer. Let’s quickly go over some differences.

A centrifugal juicer uses sharp blades to shred your fruits and vegetables to turn them into juice. Since the centrifugal juicer has constant and rapidly rotating blades running, it generates more heat and therefore tends to oxidize the juice (which affects its nutritional content).

In comparison, a cold press juicer (as you can surmise from the name) produces no heat. It is a little slower, but it will allow you to extract more juice from your produce. And because you’re not breaking down the enzymes and vitamins found in your fruits and vegetables by running them through a centrifugal juicer, a cold pressed juice will actually last longer. You read that right. Cold pressed juices will have a longer shelf life than regular ones! If you want to learn more about the differences between cold pressed and regular juices, we made an in-depth blog for you to read and it’s right here in this link.

So for folks who barely have enough time to power on their juicers to make a healthy drink every day, you can make them in small batches so you can save some for later. Hey, lessening your energy consumption IS great for the environment! Those you make at home could last for a couple of days, even! You’ll save on that electric bill, sure. But you’re also saving precious time.

With regular juices having a shorter shelf life than cold pressed ones, that’s just money down the drain if you forget about them. With how hard the planet works to grow your fresh produce, simply pouring them down the drain is a crime!

It’s actually not recommended you store regular juiced drinks for later. Immediate consumption is a must! Visually, you can also see that the juice made by a centrifugal juicer will separate mere minutes after extraction. And who wants that?

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So Many Cold Pressed Juice Benefits

Isn’t it fun to learn about the extra advantages of cold pressed juices? There’s more to them than just those yummy nutrients. We hope we shed enough light on those so that your love for cold pressed juices grows!

In conclusion, embracing a cold-pressed juice cleanse and subscribing to a juice subscription not only nurtures personal health but also nurtures our planet. By choosing these sustainable, nutrient-packed elixirs, we reduce food waste, minimize carbon footprints, and support eco-conscious companies like Little West. It's a small change in our daily routine that yields significant benefits for both our well-being and the environment. So, sip on the goodness of cold-pressed juices, knowing that each bottle is a step towards a healthier you and a greener Earth. Join the movement, one juice at a time, and make a lasting impact.