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Common Mistakes to Avoid During a Low Sugar Juice Cleanse

Low Sugar Juice Cleanse

The best time for a juice cleanse is when you’re ready! Before that, you may want to check out our tips for juice cleansing first and find out what common mistakes to avoid. Trust us. While we know they’re mistakes that seem too obvious to be making, you’d be surprised that many people still do them… Even those who’ve been juicing for a long time!

With that being said, we won’t keep you waiting any longer. Let’s get started with those tips.

Common Mistakes and How to Manage and Avoid Them

Not Understanding the Cleanse You’re On

juice cleanse

It may seem a little weird, but some people do misunderstand their cleanse sometimes. A low-sugar juice cleanse isn’t a no-sugar cleanse. There will be the presence of sugar in your cleanse in the form of natural fruit and vegetable sugar. Don’t be afraid of them - it’s totally okay for them to be in your juices. They won’t necessarily give you a spike or buzz that you can’t control… especially if you’re doing things by the book.

And understand why you’re drinking the juices you have and how they work towards the goals you set. If you’re on a low-sugar juice cleanse, expecting to lose a lot of weight isn’t a realistic goal. 

Starving Yourself

Starving Yourself

We know it’s a JUICE cleanse and it involves drinking a lot of it. But if you’re hungry and feeling the effects of it like feeling faint and weak, just eat something. Sometimes the actual eating isn’t the thing that messes up your cleanse, it’s what you eat. It may also be obvious but we still need to say it. Don’t chomp down on candies when you’re on a low-sugar juice cleanse. It doesn’t matter how small of a quantity you eat. They’re not ideal on a cleanse!

Fruits, raw nuts, and veggies are all fine but eat maybe a handful. And don’t go overboard either. Frying up a whole batch of potatoes or drenching your vegetables in butter won’t do your cleanse any good. One of the goals of a cleanse is to give your tummy a break after all.

Ignoring the Signs

This is somewhat mirroring the sentiments said in tip number two, but it’s worth repeating. Don’t ignore it when your body tells you it can’t hang on during your cleanse. If it’s weak and you feel like you can’t go on much longer, learn to pull the plug. It’s not giving up. It’s listening to what your body needs. 

What are you likely to feel when on your cleanse? Tiredness, nausea, dizziness… You could experience these symptoms. And we know seasoned cleansers would shrug these off. But if you’re new, you should pay close attention. They’re familiar with these hurdles while you’re not. 

Not Having A Schedule Set

When on a cleanse, it’s best to take some sort of control of things. We anticipate your body to be unpredictable. So when you’re too hungry to think clearly, at least you prepared what to drink and know when to drink it. And stick to your routines. Lunch time is still “lunch” time and you can drink your juices then. The schedule could help you avoid those unbearable hunger pangs.

And do set some time for rest during your cleanse. Your body will feel tired, and that’s fine. Just make sure you have ample time to rest or else you’re going to get more cranky than you need to be. If you think you could do with a day off, then do that! Staying in and grabbing some much-needed rest is nothing to be ashamed of. 

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Forgetting to Drink Water

drink water

If you think you’ll be very hydrated during your low-sugar juice cleanse… Yes. Yes, you are. That’s going to be true most of the time. So it might seem counterintuitive to drink water while still on your juice cleanse. But you still definitely should. This will help flush out waste and toxins. 

Just a little advice. People have said it’s best to increase water intake before going on a cleanse to stay hydrated. After all, you don’t know how your juices would affect your hydration levels. 

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Take on Your Low Sugar Juice Cleanse Like A Champ!

low sugar juice cleanse

At Little West, we understand why there’s a need for cleansing. That’s why we wanted to make some of that process a little (pun intended) easier for you. Your essential juices can all be taken care of with just a click of a few buttons. No need to shop for produce and juice them yourselves. We take care of that for you. And we don’t skimp out, either!