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The Reason Behind Juice Cleansing: How It Affects Your Body and Mind

how juice cleanse affects mind and body

What is a juice cleanse? We’ve been spreading some knowledge on this for the past few years and are still just as excited to tell people about it.

Let’s get right into it. A juice cleanse is when you only drink fruit and vegetable juice for a predetermined amount of time. That could be for a day, two days, three days, a week, or even a fortnight. It all depends on what people aim to achieve. The reason why people partake in a cleanse is mostly for detox and weight loss (we’ll get to these two in a moment)

Like with all cleanses and diets, some work for you and some don’t. It depends on the person! We’re not all built the same, you see. So do juice cleanses work? No matter what people around you say, you won’t know until you try.

How Juice Cleanses Affect the Body

We mentioned a little while ago that people going on cleanses for weight loss and detox. Let’s discuss the latter first.

How does a juice detox work?

how juice detox works

When you eat, your stomach churns and processes all that food up. In certain periods, your digestive system works twice as hard - think of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. All this food, in turn, can make you feel sluggish or even bloated. It can leave you feeling like your body needs to flush out whatever’s making you feel…heavy.

How does 3 day cleanse work? Since you’re only drinking juice for a certain period, your digestive system can go on a little vacation. It’s not working as hard and you can feel it somehow balancing those busier days. 

By being more hydrated and drinking fruit and vegetable juices (ideally containing essential nutrients like fiber), you can expel all the bad stuff and start to feel refreshed!

How Does a Juice Cleanse Work for Weight Loss?

juice cleanse for weigtht loss

We can’t definitively say that juice cleanses are effective for weight loss - BUT here’s what we mean.

It seems rather obvious, doesn’t it? Don’t eat during juice cleanse = don’t gain weight. There’s a catch, though. Once you finish that cleanse and jump back into your routine, you’re likely just going to gain all that weight back. Funnily enough, you usually lose water weight on a juice cleanse and not fat (which is ideal in this scenario).

If you use a juice cleanse for jumpstarting your weight loss journey, chances are you’ll get better results. This implies that you’re going to follow through the necessary steps to lose weight (like diet and exercise) and not just go back to unhealthy routines. It’s all in how you make the cleanses work for you.

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How Juice Cleanses Affect the Mind?

how juice cleanse affects mind

It needs to be said that you have to mentally prepare yourself before doing a juice cleanse. You have to pick and choose the right juices to drink or get a kit that covers all the bases. 

It may not have crossed your mind just yet, but will 100% get hungry when you go on a cleanse. If you’re just doing a 1-day cleanse, it won’t be a problem. But the longer cleanses? Oof. You need to prepare! When you’re hungry, you won’t be able to make decisions all too well. So, going back, having a kit chosen and juices set and ready will minimize all that thinking and make things so much easier.

On the other side of the same coin, not having to think of what’s for your next meal does have its advantages. Mark Zuckerberg says that he wears the same thing every day so that he doesn’t waste time having to make that decision daily. Think of this as the same scenario and you do not have to think of what you’re having for your next meal because, guess what, it’s juice! It leaves you more brain power to focus on what’s important. Use this time to get some clarity.

One thing to also remember is that you’re going to feel tired sometimes. Some people can power through a cleanse and not feel tired at all. But some of us feel the effects of not getting a full meal and do feel sluggish during the cleanse. That’s why we’re more than prepared to take a day or two off from work when going on a cleanse. 

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How Does a Juice Cleanse Work? Now You Know!

It’s nice to know how cold pressed juice cleanses work and what may be the potential effects you’ll feel during it. As long as you’re being smart about it, these won’t necessarily be harmful to your health. Moderation is always key!

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