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How To Do a New Year's Juice Cleanse

How To Do a New Year's Juice Cleanse - Little West

Wishing you could undo your holiday menu? Although you can’t Ctrl+Z all those gingerbread cookies or cheese-covered snacks, you can get a fresh, healthy start in the New Year by doing a juice cleanse!

A New Year’s juice cleanse resets your body and gives your system a break after indulging too much over the holidays. When done properly, a juice cleanse offers many health benefits. It may help reduce inflammation, improve digestion, reduce brain fog, give you clearer skin, and leave you feeling lighter and more energized. 

Finishing a juice cleanse at the beginning of the new year can also inspire you to accomplish bigger goals. It’s a small success that can motivate you to make other healthy changes in the months ahead. Plus, a Little West juice cleanse is delicious!

If you’re wondering how to do a juice cleanse, you’ve found the right blog. Here’s what we recommend:  

Before Starting a New Year’s Juice Cleanse

Before you begin, it may help to prepare with the following steps:

Step 1. Schedule Your Cleanse

This is important for people who have never done a juice cleanse or fasted for long periods before. You don’t need to change your normal routine when you’re doing a cleanse. However, you may wish to schedule it for a weekend, or other days when life is a little slower. Your juice cleanse will be easier if you can relax while you’re doing it. 

Step 2. Prepare Your Diet

If possible, cut back on alcohol, caffeine, added sugars, and processed foods in the days leading up to your cleanse. Eat more anti-inflammatory foods, like our favorite green smoothie, and lighter meals like salads. This will help your body adjust to your cleanse more quickly. You’ll also be less likely to experience side effects like caffeine-withdrawal headaches.

Step 3. Get Your Juices!

Next, get your juices! We recommend our Little West Two Day Juice Cleanse Kit, a selection of cold-pressed juices to help you feel detoxed and refreshed after a two-day juice fast. Order online and we’ll deliver your juices right to your door!


During a New Year’s Juice Cleanse

Now comes the fun part: you get to drink a lot of healthy, amazing-tasting juices! 

And the challenging part: you only get to drink a lot of healthy, amazing-tasting juices!

During your cleanse, you’ll consume nothing but cold-pressed juices and water. This gives your body a chance to fast from solid foods and helps you receive more vitamins, nutrients, and health benefits from your juice cleanse. It may be challenging at times, but hang in there! It’ll be worth it. 

If you’re doing your cleanse with Little West, we recommend drinking the juices in your kit in the following order: 

How To Do a Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse
  • Wake Up: Celery
  • Breakfast: The Clover
  • Morning Snack: Sunrise
  • Lunch: Go Big
  • Late Lunch: Gingersnap
  • Afternoon Snack: The Quench
  • Dinner: Detox Greens

The nutrients in each of our Little West juices will keep you fueled throughout your fast. Still, it’s normal to experience strong cravings for solid food. When you’re in the habit of eating several meals or snacks each day, it takes time for your body to adjust to skipping them. 

You may also experience mild headaches, fatigue, or other uncomfortable sensations on a New Year’s juice cleanse. This is more likely if you were eating lots of unhealthy food over the holidays. 

After You Finish a New Year’s Juice Cleanse

After your juice cleanse is finished, you may feel more energized and more mentally alert. Some people also feel their mood improve. You may also experience more glowing skin, fewer aches and pains from inflammation, and less bloating or other digestive issues.

Although you can begin eating normal food again, try not to go overboard. You may wish to “transition” back to solid foods with the same light meals you ate in preparation. Fruit, vegetables, and light soups will be easier on your digestive system than greasy pizza. Plus, you don’t want to undo the health benefits of your juice cleanse with junk food. 

When you do a January juice cleanse, you’re starting the new year by doing something amazing for your body, mind, and spirit. Finishing a New Year’s juice cleanse can be the first small victory that propels you to tackle bigger goals later on. It can set the pace for a healthier year ahead.

Order your Little West Two Day Juice Cleanse Kit now for a January 2021 New Year’s Cleanse.


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