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How To Do a New Year's Juice Cleanse

How To Do a New Year's Juice Cleanse - Little West

Feeling guilty for munching a bit too much on the holiday desserts and snacks? While it's not possible to undo what you have already eaten, what if we say that there’s a way to reboot your health, thereby giving your body a new start this new year?

A new year cleanse would set the right tempo for a new beginning by helping you cleanse your body of the toxins and giving you a rejuvenated feeling. It is designed to energize the digestive system, thereby improving your metabolism levels and overall energy. 

Additionally, the new year cleanse is also designed to aid in reducing skin inflammation and bloating and contribute to the development of healthy skin.

So based on the benefits you want, you can go on a full body cleanse to help your liver flush out the toxins out of your body or aim for certain results like glowing skin, reduced inflammation, etc. The juices you consume for each of these objectives have different formulations, so it's necessary to set your mind to what you wish to achieve towards the end of the cleanse.

During the new year cleanse, you only consume the set of cold-pressed juices and plenty of water. If you are craving something to chew and push down your food pipe, you can munch on some cucumber slices or celery. But keep in mind that the idea of this cleanse is to rest your digestive system, so steer clear of complex, solid foods during the cleanse.

A successful juice cleanse routine will motivate you to achieve your fitness goals later in the year. Let this be your first win of the year, and start it with a bang with our Little West healthy juice cleanses. If you are looking for a detailed guide to get some new year's juice cleanse tips, you are in the right place. Let’s get started. 

Before Starting a New Year’s Juice Cleanse

How To Do a New Year's Juice Cleanse

Before you begin, it may help to prepare with the following steps:

Step 1. Schedule Your Cleanse
This is important for people who have never done a juice cleanse or fast for long periods. You don’t need to change your everyday routine when you’re doing a cleanse. However, you may wish to schedule it for a weekend or days when life is a little slower. Your juice cleanse will be easier if you can relax while you’re doing it. 

Step 2. Prepare Your Diet
If possible, cut back on alcohol, caffeine, added sugars, and processed foods in the days leading up to your cleanse. Eat more anti-inflammatory foods, like our favorite green smoothie, and lighter meals like salads. This will help your body adjust to your cleanse more quickly. You’ll also be less likely to experience side effects like caffeine-withdrawal headaches.

Step 3. Get Your Juices!
Next, get your juices! We recommend our Two Day Juice Cleanse Kit, a selection of cold-pressed juices to help you feel detoxed and refreshed after a two-day juice fast. Order online and we’ll deliver your juices right to your door!

Step 4: Adopt the Right Mindset

Once these three steps are done, all you need to do is get into the right mindset. Remember why you are planning to do the juice cleanse and what you wish to achieve. With that said, if your sole purpose of doing the cleanse is to get rid of the extra calories you munched on during winter, you need to think differently. The weight you lose during the cleanse isn’t sustainable, and you will gain those pounds back as soon as you resume your diet. So instead, aim to give your body a fresh start for a fresh year. 

During a New Year Juice Cleanse

Now comes the fun part: you get to drink a lot of healthy, amazing-tasting juices! 

And the challenging part: you only get to drink a lot of healthy, amazing-tasting juices!

During your cleanse, you’ll consume nothing but cold-pressed juices and water. This gives your body a chance to fast from solid foods and helps you receive more vitamins, nutrients, and health benefits from your juice cleanse. It may be challenging at times, but hang in there! It’ll be worth it. 

If you’re doing your cleanse with Little West, we recommend drinking the juices in your kit in the following order:

 During a New Year Juice Cleanse

Wake Up: Celery
Breakfast: The Clover
Morning Snack: Sunrise
Lunch: Go Big
Late Lunch: Gingersnap
Afternoon Snack: The Quench
Dinner: Detox Greens

The nutrients in each of our Little West juices will keep you fueled throughout your fast. Still, it’s normal to experience intense cravings for solid food. When you’re in the habit of eating several meals or snacks each day, it takes time for your body to adjust to skipping them. 

You may also experience mild headaches, fatigue, or other uncomfortable sensations on a New Year’s juice cleanse. This is more likely if you ate lots of unhealthy food over the holidays. 

During the first few hours of the cleanse, you might feel more energized than usual. This is because you are too excited for the day, and your body quite efficiently digests the morning juice

But as time passes, the reality that you are going to survive only on the juices sets in. The best way to ease the dire hunger sensation is to drink your juices slowly and imitate the chewing process. Let your taste buds thoroughly enjoy the flavors of the juice before you gulp it down. Wait at least 30 minutes before you follow the juice with water.

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After You Finish a New Year’s Cleanse

How To Do a New Year's Juice Cleanse

After your New Year cleanse, you may feel more energized and mentally alert. Some people also feel their mood improves. You may also experience more glowing skin, fewer aches and pains from inflammation, and less bloating or other digestive issues.

Although you can begin eating regular food again, try not to go overboard. You may wish to “transition” back to solid foods with the same light meals you ate in preparation. Fruit, vegetables, and light soups will be easier on your digestive system than a greasy pizza. Plus, you don’t want to undo the health benefits of your juice cleanse with junk food. 

When you do a January juice cleanse, you’re starting the new year by doing something amazing for your body, mind, and spirit. Finishing a New Year’s juice cleanse can be the first small victory propelling you to tackle bigger goals later. It can set the pace for a healthier year ahead.

So with that in mind, try to bounce back to a healthier lifestyle. If you used to follow a sedentary lifestyle with lots of junk foods and alcohol, this is your cue to change the route. 

You can extend the cleanse as per your body's needs because if your diet included a lot of junk foods with little to no exercise, you might need a cleanse that lasts more than two days. This is because the body needs time to get rid of the pile of toxins accumulated in the body to give it a fresh start. 

It’s totally okay to eat a greasy pizza, but don’t do it right after the cleanse or too often. Once a week is perfectly fine; by doing so, you will develop a healthy mindset toward food, and your body will also reflect the same.

May you reap the full benefits of the New Year’s juice cleanse and embark on a journey of rejuvenation. Wishing you a happy New Year, and as you embrace this fresh start, consider enhancing your wellness with our invigorating juice subscription. Don't forget to order our juice cleanse bundle to prep for your New Year’s Cleanse and enjoy a revitalizing path to a healthier you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Do a New Year's Juice Cleanse

What should I expect on the first day of a juice fast?

During the first few hours of your first day of the juice fast, you will notice a considerable increase in your energy levels. This is mainly because of your excitement and the energy boost the first juice gives. 

But as the hours pass by, you may feel tired and uncomfortable, combined with mild headaches. These can get a bit worse if you have been following a sedentary lifestyle that includes a lot of junk food and alcohol intake. To reduce the intensity of the fatigue, you can start giving up junk food and unnecessary snacking leading up to the days of the juice cleanse. This way, your body gets to prepare itself.

What should I eat before a juice cleanse?

In the days leading up to the juice cleanse, try to cut back on the amount of caffeine, junk food, or alcohol you consume. Also, reduce the number of unnecessary snacks you take and increase water consumption. Try incorporating a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet, and replace a meal with your favorite smoothie and some fruits on the sides. 

You can also cut back on gluten or highly processed carbs and rely on foods that are easy to digest and have anti-inflammatory properties. This way, your body slowly transitions to the full juice cleanse phase, and you won’t experience extreme cases of fatigue or hunger during the juice cleanse.

Can a juice cleanse reset my body?

An effective juice helps you reboot your health as it energizes your digestive system and improves the gut health & nutrient absorption capacity of your body. The juice cleanse also helps your liver and kidneys flush out the toxins accumulated in your body with time. 

Even though by following a juice cleanse, you might lose a few pounds, this weight loss doesn’t remain for a long time. The weight would definitely find its way back when you return to your normal diet. But if you want to sustain the weight loss, be mindful of the food items you include in your diet after the juice cleanse. So a juice, combined with a proper pre- and post-cleanse routine, can help improve your health and boost your energy levels.

Can I gain weight during the juice cleanse routine?

No, you won’t experience any kind of weight gain during the cleansing routine. When you are on a juice cleanse, you are recommended only to consume cold-pressed juices and water. This means the total food intake during the cleanse routine is lower than your usual diet. This results in a noticeable weight loss. 

However, the weight loss isn’t going to stay for a long time, because as soon as you bounce back to your normal diet, the pounds you lost will find their way back. If you’re after long-term weight loss, you need to follow an active lifestyle that consists of a balanced diet and a lot of body movements. When you follow a cleaning routine along with an active lifestyle, you can definitely achieve long-term weight loss.

What should I eat during a juice cleanse? 

During the cleanse routine, you are to consume only the cold-pressed juices and a lot of water. The prime motive of the juice cleanse is to rest your digestive system and help boost your gut health and improve your energy level. 

The cold-pressed juices contain nutrients in readily absorbable form so that your body doesn’t need to work or burn more calories to digest and then absorb the nutrients. So to unlock the full potential of the juice cleanse, it's advised to refrain from eating dairy products, caffeinated beverages, alcohol, genetically modified food items, gluten, or any hard-to-digest complex/solid food items.

How many days should I do a juice cleanse for?

This totally depends on your body's familiarity with the juice cleanse routine. If you are a beginner, a 2-day juice cleanse goes a long way. But if you are experienced and have undertaken juice cleanses a couple of times before, then you can extend it up to 5 days. 

Another factor that helps to determine the duration of the juice cleanse is your lifestyle. If you eat healthily and follow a good exercise routine, a 2-day juice fast is more than enough. On the other hand, if you have been consuming a lot of junk food, you might want to follow a thorough pre-cleanse routine and extend the juice fast beyond 2 days.

What happens after a juice cleanse?

After a juice cleanse, you notice a noticeable boost in your energy levels, your body is less bloated than before, and your skin feels hydrated and healthy. You would also be surprised when you get on a weighing scale, but don’t be too excited, as you have a high chance of gaining those pounds back in a few days. 

After the juice cleanse, try consuming more salads and easily digestible foods like lentils, legumes, etc. Let your body adjust and give your digestive system time to reboot. Once you feel all set, you can incorporate dairy and meat products into your diet. But make sure you don’t go back to junk food every now and then, as this would cut off the benefits of the juice cleanse.

When can I eat after a juice cleanse?

Once the juice cleanse is over, you can go back to eating your normal diet. But to ensure your body does well during this period, it's better to start with food items that are easy to digest. Incorporate a lot of vegetables, smoothies, and fruits into your diet. You could also eat a variety of soups for a day to get your body up and going. 

After a few days, you can start adding meat and dairy products to your diet if you consume them. It's better to wait for at least a week before consuming any kind of junk food. This way, you can unlock the juice cleanse's full potential.

What comes out of my body when I detox?

When you are on a juice cleanse detox routine, you will notice that your bowel movements improve, and even though you feel tired, your body feels clean and rejuvenated. 

Further, your body eliminates excess sebum, dead cells, creatinine, urea, and uric acid during the stretch of the detox routine. The elimination of these toxins is what helps you feel rejuvenated and light during the detox routine. If you have loads of toxins piled up in your body, it's highly recommended to extend your cleanse routine so that your body has ample time to push out the toxins and waste completely.