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Pineapple Juice Benefits for Skin: Unleashing the Beauty Benefits

Pineapple Juice Benefits for Skin

Let’s start things off with a banner disclaimer… Drinking pineapple juice will not give you any immediate, magical beauty results overnight. That’s because pineapple juice works its benefits by improving certain aspects of your health from the inside-out. Allow us to explain!

Being hydrated is one of the secrets of beautiful skin. And you can bet pineapple juice can help you with that! Certain folks struggle with drinking water throughout the day. Swapping water for pineapple juice may make that more pleasant and make you want to drink more.

See what we mean here? It won’t give you immediate results, but it can help you achieve that goal in one way or another. How about we learn some more?

What Pineapple Juice Benefits for Skin Are

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Since we already talked about it being a helpful, hydrating beverage, let’s get into some other ways how pineapple juice can help your skin and health. 

Pineapple Juice is Great for Overall Immunity

pineapple juice help to boost immunity

Healthy skin is evident in healthy people. Pineapple juice is a fantastic source of vitamin C, which is essential for keeping your immune system up and running efficiently. That’s why you often see orange juice (the OG vitamin C source) being touted as an immune booster. But don’t count pineapple juice out when it comes to building your immunity!

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Feeling puffy? Skin looking a bit swollen? Pineapple juice has anti-inflammatory properties thanks to its naturally high levels of bromelain. Bromelain can help combat these symptoms and do so naturally. A healthy drink may revive your skin and keep it looking good. 

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Juice That Can Help Heal Wounds

Putting the spotlight back on bromelain -- did you know that it can help heal certain wounds? It’s this enzyme that is said to help with “debridement burns.” Seems like a pretty technical term, but it can be simplified to second or third-degree burns. We don’t know about you, but burns seem like pretty serious skin conditions that we’d like to remedy!

Breakouts with Pineapple Juice

Plain and simple, there are studies that support pineapple juice being good at preventing acne! Again, it’s our friend bromelain that’s behind this unique benefit. And it’s not just the edible part of the pineapple that has bromelain. The peel and other parts of the fruit that are discarded are also full of this enzyme. The study itself even posits that it could make a bactericidal gel that you can apply to acne. Let’s put a pin on this thought since we’re going to tackle using pineapple juice on the face later!

Pineapple Juice is a Splendid Gut Aid

pineapple juice is good for gut health

Believe it or not, your skin and your gut are connected. If your immune system and metabolism achieve stability (or a state of homeostasis), it may actually prevent eczema and other skin conditions. Neat huh? You should pay better attention to your gut health and give your tummy a reset when it needs one. That being said, have you tried a juice cleanse?

Using Pineapple Juice On Face

pineapple juice on face

So far, we’ve been discussing how drinking pineapple juice benefits the skin. But can you actually use it ON your face? You could! How can it help, though?

We’ve touched on this a little earlier. But there are some studies and accounts that claim pineapple or pineapple juice on face can be beneficial. Washing or applying some on your face and letting it dry may be good for pimple prevention. 

Some accounts have also noted that doing the same can lighten your skin and remove dark spots and scars. That’s because pineapple juice (if you recall) contains ascorbic acid, aka vitamin C. It may be a good idea to apply using a small cotton ball or swab instead of just using it similar to a face wash. Results may vary, though!

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Use or Drink the Right Kind of Pineapple Juice!

pineapple juice

As always, not all juice is created equal, but with options like cold-pressed juice, juice cleanse, and juice subscription, you can't go wrong. You can’t expect pineapple juice skin benefits if you’re drinking a sugary juice cocktail or a juice made with artificial ingredients. 100% natural pineapple juice is not only superior in benefits, but it’s also superior in taste!

Don’t believe us? All it takes is to try some yourself. You’ll experience all the good stuff rather quickly!