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Green Juice 101: Is Green Juice Actually Healthy?

Green Juice 101: Is Green Juice Actually Healthy?

Did you know that January 26 is National Green Juice Day? It seems like there’s a holiday for everything these days – but hey, we’re not mad about it. Life is meant for celebration! And here at Little West, we’ll take any excuse to celebrate juice. 

It’s no surprise to us that green juice earned its own holiday. Green juices are among the most popular cold pressed juices in the world. But is green juice actually healthy? Will it help you lose weight and boost your immune system? Does green juice live up to all the hype?

Whether it’s National Green Juice Day or just a random Thursday morning, it’s always a great time to learn more about cold pressed green juice. Here are some important facts everyone should know.


What is Green Juice?

If you’re new to juicing, you might be wondering what green juice is and what it tastes like. After all, it’s not like orange juice. “Green” is a color, not a single ingredient, so green juices come in a wide variety of flavors depending on the recipe. 

But all green juices use vegetables and fruits that are rich in chlorophyll, a plant molecule that gives them a vibrant green color. Commonly used ingredients in green juices include spinach, kale, cucumber, mint, celery, dandelion, cilantro, fennel, and green algae like spirulina. Many green juices are also naturally sweetened with pear or apple. 

Green juices have distinct, unique flavors based on the ingredients in the recipe. Some green juices, like Little West’s The Clover and Detox Greens, have a “vegetable-forward” flavor profile with more crisp, clean notes of leafy green taste. Others, like our Gold’n Greens, are “fruit-forward” juices that have more natural sweetness from pineapple and fuji apple.

With all the varieties of cold pressed green juice flavors, there’s something for everyone!  

Is Green Juice Healthy?

The short answer: it depends. 

A green juice is only as healthy as its ingredients. For example, Little West green juices may help boost your immune system because we use leafy green ingredients like kale and spinach, which are naturally high in vitamin C and antioxidants. The vegetables and fruits in our green juices are associated with a wide variety of health benefits.

Unfortunately, not all green juices are created equal. The color alone won’t tell you if a juice is healthy. Some companies load their green juices with as much added sugar or artificial sweetener as a soda! They may also use concentrates, preservatives, artificial colors, or other chemicals that can be harmful to the body. 

Many commercial green juices, even organic brands, are also heat pasteurized. The heat destroys most of the nutritional value of the ingredients in the juice, “cooking off” the vital enzymes as well as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This process also dulls the flavor. 

Little West is cold pressed and uses High Pressure Processing (HPP) instead of heat pasteurization to preserve the nutrient vitality of every ingredient. Like all Little West flavors, our green juices are 100% fresh vegetables and fruits, with no added sugars, sweeteners, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. What you see is what you get! 

Drinking a Little West green juice is a delicious, convenient way to consume more green vegetables and fruits. Our juices provide a healthy serving of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help you thrive.

Myths & Facts About Green Juice

Myth: Green Juice Heals Everything
Fact: Green Juice Isn’t a Magic “Cure-All” 

On blogs and social media, people often talk about green juice as if it magically solves all their problems overnight. While green juices do offer a variety of health benefits and can boost your wellness, they’re not an instant “cure-all.” 

Think of green juice as an extra serving of vegetables and fruit. If you’re trying to get healthier, consuming more vegetables and fruit will certainly help, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. You still need to follow a balanced diet, cut back or eliminate processed foods, get regular exercise, and consult with your healthcare provider if you have underlying conditions. 


Myth: Green Juice Can Help You Skip Meals

Fact: It’s Not a Meal Replacement

At Little West, we believe green juice should add to your meals, not replace them. Our juices are not intended to replace whole meals unless you’re doing a short  juice cleanse


Myth: People Only Drink Green Juice in the Morning

Fact: You Can Drink Green Juice Any Time

Many people start their day with a green juice before coffee or breakfast. While Little West green juices are an excellent way to hydrate after you wake up and jumpstart your body with nutrients, you can drink them any time and still receive the same health benefits.

Myth: Green Juice Tastes like "Salad Water"
Fact: Little West Juices are Sweet, Flavorful, and Delicious

Some people avoid green juices because they don’t like the taste of certain green vegetables like kale and spinach. Hey, we get it – you don’t want to drink a salad. We don’t, either! That’s why all Little West cold pressed green juices include a variety of ingredients, not just vegetables. Our green juices are vibrant, naturally sweet, and deeply hydrating.


Myth: Green Juice is For Adults Only
Fact: Kids Love Green Juice from Little West

Little ones can be picky eaters, especially when it comes to green foods. But we’ve found that kids love Little West green juices. Our brand is named after our founders’ oldest son, West, who loves The Clover and other flavors.

Green juices can be a great way to get your child to consume more servings of fruits and vegetables. They’re also a healthy alternative to soda and artificially-flavored drinks.

How to Choose the Best Green Juice 

To make sure you choose the best green juice, always read the label. Look for cold pressed and High Pressure Processed (not pasteurized). Be sure to check for hidden ingredients, too. 

The best green juices will be 100% fruits and vegetables, never watered down, with zero added sugars, zero concentrates, and zero preservatives. (Hmm, that sounds familiar…) 

Have a happy National Green Juice Day and cheers to your health!

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